THE REAL FORKS: Vanishing stop sign

By Christy Rasmussen-Ford


Once upon a time, I was a stupid kid who lived back in Sherwood Forest. Lucky for me, there were a lot of kids my age that lived back there so I had a lot of stupid friends to play with.


For whatever reason, we often ended up playing around the intersection of Little John Lane and Robin Hood Loop. We played in the streets a lot because that’s what kids do.


It’s their job to be stupid.


Thankfully, there was a stop sign there to protect all of us.


Very few people came to a complete stop, but people always slowed down enough to avoid hitting us … hard.


When I turned 16, the DMV foolishly gave me a driver’s license and I started driving around Sherwood Forest. Unlike many, I actually came to a full stop at that stop sign.


Not because I am a Law Abiding Lucy (Dear FPD, I actually am a Law Abiding Lucy!), but because there was a new generation of stupid kids playing there.


Also, because I thought it would be a really great place to write tickets. A police officer could hide in either cul-de-sac and write tickets all day.


Sadly, in 12 years, I never saw a police officer monitoring that intersection.


This was a shame because it would have been a gold mine.


I understand that the City of Forks is doing OK financially, but why not line our pockets a little bit more for a rainy day … because we have A LOT of those here.


The ball was dropped. No tickets were written and people continued to do California stops (at best) there.


After so many years of stopping there, it became habit for me.


So you can imagine my surprise when I drove around one day and found the stop sign had been removed. I didn’t know what to do.


Was this a trick? Is there a cop hiding now?


I had a panic attack over this whole thing.


I cannot NOT stop there.


I go around the other way now. I just can’t handle this change.


I contemplated why the sign was removed and came to a conclusion; it was removed because no one was stopping anyway.


It couldn’t possibly have been costly to keep it there. I’m fairly certain that taking it down cost the city more money than leaving it there (after you count the two days of labor and four guys “supervising” one do the job).


So instead of enforcing the stop sign, it was just taken down.


I completely agree with the city’s decision to do this.


It’s just much easier in the long run.


If so many people do not follow the law, just remove the law and make everyone’s life easier.


I also think we need to remove the reduced speed limit in the school zones. No one follows these rules either.


It just makes sense to go ahead and do away with them.


Sure, the stupid kids who run out into the streets might be in danger, but I guarantee they will learn their lesson eventually. Let’s not make our lives inconvenient for the sake of saving their lives.


And please, speed through Sherwood Forest more than ever now that you don’t have to slow down for kids at that stop sign.


It was a waste of space for sure.

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