Meet Forks Firefighters

Chief William Paul

Bill Paul has been with the Forks Fire Department for nearly 23 years, starting out as a volunteer firefighter after stopping at a car fire on Calawah Way in 1994 and watching as the firefighters came to the rescue. He was so impressed that he went down and joined the department right away.

Fighting fires has a long history in the Paul family’s lineage, and his grandfather started the fire department in Oak Shores, Calif., in 1973 and his picture still hangs in the department, showing him sitting on their very first fire truck. The first firefighter roster for Oak Shores Fire Department still lists several Pauls, so perhaps it was inevitable that a young William Paul would wind up dedicating himself to our community.

Bill said that he simply loves helping people, and to anyone who knows him, that is certainly true. As the chief of Forks Fire Department, he has installed fire detectors, contacted businesses to help with fire plans and generally makes himself available to make Forks an even better and safer place to live.

Rather than blow his own horn, however, Bill was quick to point out that the Forks Fire Department is made up of a group of awesome men and women who do amazing work and train hard to be the very best firefighters they can be. As he talked about the men and women who work with him, his pride in each one could be seen beaming from his broad smile.

When you see Chief Paul out and about in Forks, please thank him for his dedication to our community and to the safety of our firefighters. If you ever wanted to be part of a professional, caring and amazing group of firefighters, why don’t you see Chief Paul at the Forks Fire Station. There is a great big welcome just waiting for you!