Disappointed …

Dear Editor,

Folks come to our community. Tourists, some I suppose, and welcome they generally are. Shop in our stores they do. They fish local rivers, hike in the park, and on the beaches. Visitors camp in local area campgrounds and RV Parks.

I’ve read the letters from James Mitchel and Rachel Ramseur. Though I should be disappointed in their accusations and judgment leveled at a whole community of individual citizens. I more feel sorry for their narrow mindedness. Insinuating that a pervasive evil resides in a community where they cannot possibly know everyone who resides there.

In my opinion, if you believe you are much safer in your city, thanks for leaving, and I for one do not consider their presence in Forks as a cause for celebration.

Perhaps also a helpful hint … judging the many for the actions of a few doesn’t win you favor in the eyes of the many good, law-abiding folks who live here.

Gene Barker, Forks