Beaver Fire Chief — Wes Romberg

  • Wed Mar 15th, 2017 8:02pm
  • Life

Wes Romberg has been with Beaver Fire Department for 15 years and is the current fire chief at the station. He said it was just natural for him to volunteer as a firefighter since his father has been on the department for 38 years and Wes grew up playing around the station.

When asked why he likes being a firefighter, Wes summed it up by simply saying that he likes to help people and that’s what motivates him. One of his greatest concerns, however, is that the number of volunteers has dwindled and it is getting harder to find people who are willing to make the kind of commitment it takes to be a firefighter. He was quick to point out that anyone interested in volunteering can contact him and they would be welcome to the team.

Clallam County Fire District 1 Chief Bill Paul said that Romberg is an outstanding example of a dedicated firefighter who has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and he always can be counted on to be there for the people of our community.

When you see Wes out and about, please take the time to thank him for his selfless volunteer work for our community. If you are interested in becoming a part of this very special group of men and women who stand together to assist our community, please see Chief Paul at the Forks Fire Station or Chief Romberg at the Beaver Fire Station.