Call For Artists

  • Thu May 16th, 2019 11:31am
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Call For Artists

The West Olympic Council for the Arts (WOCA) is seeking artists for their upcoming art show, WOCA’s Interactive Art Exhibition. WOCA is in search of pieces for the following categories:

Interactive Alley – Selfie worthy interactive art. A piece that viewers can stand in front of and snap their best picture with! Sizes should not be smaller than 4ftx4ft and should not exceed 8ft by 8ft. THINK BIG! All mediums are welcome! Must be display ready.

Photography – Show us your best PNW inspired shot! Black and white or color! Sizes should not be smaller than 4” x 4” and not exceed 24” x 36” (longer, thin prints will be accepted). All Photography should be ready to hang.

Big Beauties – All mediums that can be hung. Minimum size 3 ft x 3 ft and does not exceed 5 ft x 5 ft. Looking for that pop of color or perfect/imperfect lines to catch viewer’s eyes at a glance! Make them stay and look!

Cut That OUT! – Imagine a face behind an overly fun cutout display! Every family, couple, and person would want to be behind that! Say cheese! They just did with your piece! You tell us the size!

Watch Out For the Ground – A sculpture that can be placed on a flat surface (the ground). It can be mutiple pieces or one. Tell us your size!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:July 3, 2019, by midnight. NO COST for submission.

All submissions must be with a WOCA member by July 15th, 2019. Call or e-mail for deilvery or pick up times.

SHOW DATES! JULY 19 and 20! All pieces must be picked up by Noon on Sunday, July 21 at the location.

LOCATION: Rainforest Arts Center (RAC), 35 N Forks Ave

CONTACT INFORMATION: Jaymi Goetze, WOCA Vice President at (360)640-2509 or [email protected]

Alajiah Delgado, WOCA Board Member (360)582-6938 [email protected]

Shelly Miglietta, WOCA Secretary (360)640-9160 or [email protected]

Amanda Dargitz, WOCA Board Member (209)552-1705 or [email protected]