Forks Intermediate School Students of the Month

  • Fri Feb 24th, 2017 8:11am
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Dec. 2016-Jan. 2017

Fourth grade

Marys Hernandez-Beltran

Marys Hernandez-Beltran is the daughter of Carina Beltran and Benny Hernandez. Her sisters are Yulissa, Leslie and Joanna. Marys has been nominated for Student of the Month because of her attitudes, relationships and study skills. With an attitude of respect and growth mindset, Marys has established herself as a scholar ready to learn. She is always kind, considerate and friendly with classmates. For many months, Marys has strived for excellence in reading and math, always willing to work hard to learn as much as she can.

Marys’ favorite subject at school is science. She finds it to be interesting and fun. The experiments she has done excite her the most. For instance, she really enjoyed the temperature activity with Mrs. Wach where they mixed hot and cold water with a purple dye to see how it dissolved. Even though the activity didn’t work out, she enjoyed the process and wants to learn more.

Marys loves to spend time with her friends after school, especially Dayrin. Traveling with family is also a favorite pastime for Marys. She really enjoyed her time in Florida and California, visiting family and friends, fishing and visiting Disneyland.

When she grows up, Marys hopes to become a third-grademath teacher. I think that Marys would be a fantastic teacher. I hope to see her teach some day!

Congratulations, Marys, on being one of fourth-grade Students of the Month.

Fourth grade

Belinda Ramirez-Jeronimo

Belinda Ramirez-Jeronimo is the fourth-grade daughter of Antolina Jeronimo-Pablo and Macario Ramirez-Ramirez. She is the oldest of three children. Belinda has a 5-month-old little brother Joel, whom she enjoys taking care of, and a 7-year-old sister, Elizabeth.

In her free time at home, Belinda enjoys making yarn bracelets with her mother. At school she enjoys math and doing research labs with Mrs. Wach.

Belinda was chosen Student of the Month for her willingness to help other students, her sense of responsibility and the respect she shows to all. Belinda is a great role model for her fellow fourth-grade classmates. Congratulations, Belinda, on being January’s Student of the Month.

Fifth grade: Emily Cortez

Emily Cortez is a fifth-grade student in Ms. Lewis’ homeroom class. Emily enjoys hanging out with her friends Chloe, Marissa, Araceli, Esperonza and Sarai. Her favorite class is science with Mr. Johansen. She enjoys the experiments they have been doing in class. She was really interested in the air pressure experiments. Emily says she is learning a lot of new things about multiplication and adding fractions with Mrs. Johansen and how to use verbs and nouns with Ms. Lewis. When not at school, Emily enjoys taking care of her 3-year-old sister. She also enjoys watching YouTube videos about gaming, music and art.

She lives with her dad Elvis and her mom Griselda and older sister Mary. Emily helps take care of her two dogs Rocky and Kicko. When she was younger, Emily played soccer with a team for three years. She is hoping to cut up a frog in science. Emily is well liked by her classmates and is very helpful.

In class, her teachers mention that she is always paying attention, she works hard and asks questions when she needs to. She is a very dedicated to learning new information. Congratulations!

Fifth grade: Izael Perez

Izael Perez is a fifth-grade student in Ms. Lewis’ homeroom class. Izael’s favorite thing about school is science with Mr. Johansen. Izael says he learns many different things and enjoys the challenge understanding all the new topics. He is studying the savanna biome and is learning to draw a lot of new creatures.

Izael appreciates his teachers and always tries hard. When at home, Izael enjoys visiting his sister Eliza. They watch a lot of TV but Izael doesn’t really have a favorite show. He also plays with his two dogs Layla and Messy. He enjoys feeding his 18 chickens and is looking forward to fresh eggs soon.

Izael lives with his mom Lorena and dad Pascual. He enjoys soccer and plays often with his friends. Izael collects Star Wars Legos, DC Legos and Avengers Legos. He was chosen by his teachers because he is a hard worker and pays attention in class. He is a very honest young man who always tries his best and asks for help when it is needed.

Sixth grade: Emery Damron

Emery Damron is a sixth-grade student at Forks Intermediate School. Her parents are Shannon and Nathan Damron of Forks. Her favorite subjects in school are band and science because she loves studying anything about science, particularly chemistry and band!

She is an avid reader and really enjoys reading fantasy/adventure books. Emery is a very caring friend to many and is very respected by her peers. Emery’s gifts include anything musical, writing letters to people who are close to her and talking in front of large crowds. She describes herself as empathetic, knowing and caring.

Emery feels happy when listening to 1990s alternative music, hanging out with her best friends, riding roller coasters at theme parks and running on trails. Her hobbies include music and technology and she plays basketball and volleyball. Her favorite movies are “If I Stay” and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

Her favorite books are The Harry Potter Series and The Maximum Ride Series. Her favorite TV program is “Pretty Little Liars” and “Friends.” Her favorite foods are cheesecake and pickles! Someday Emery would like to travel to Rome, Texas, and France to see the Eiffel Tower. Emery loves her family and friends and shows kindness and compassion to all. We are so excited to watch Emery grow up and follow her own path and accomplish fantastic things! Congratulations Emery!

Sixth grade: Luke Decker

Luke Decker is a sixth-grade student at Forks Intermediate School. His parents are Kristi and Bill Decker of Forks. His favorite subject in school is math because it challenges him in a fun way! He also loves recess and lunch. He describes himself as loud, adventurous, funny and outgoing. Luke is very respectful and responsible.

He is always the first to volunteer and help or be a friend to others. He feels very lucky to have a great mom, who he enjoys talking to. Luke is an avid outdoors-man. He loves to hunt with his dad and go fishing at the lake. Luke likes motocross and riding his dirt bike with friends.

When spending time with his family, his favorite places are the dirt bike track, the lake fishing, and going to Montana. Another passion of Luke’s is sports! He played on the championship Spartan football team this last season. He also plays basketball and is looking forward to baseball season. To keep in practice in his free time, you can find Luke doing flips on the trampoline.

Luke’s favorite movie is “American Sniper” and he loves all TV shows that show anything about hunting. His favorite food is chicken strips. Someday Luke would like to travel to the Grand Canyon, Alaska and Hawaii. Luke is a wonderful athlete and outdoors-man, but just ask anyone … Luke is a great friend and is always there to help when needed. This is a kind and compassionate young man with many gifts! Congratulations Luke!