Happy sixth anniversary to me!

  • Thu Nov 7th, 2019 12:11pm
  • Life

Well, Forks Forum readers, the month of November marks another milestone …I have made it another year and I am still here! According to former Forks Forum editor Chris Cook I had about six good years before I would get run out of town. But I really have no place to run to …so.

So, for now, I will plug along and continue the tradition that is the Forks Forum.

The first Forks Forum was published in July 1931, the Forks Forum has been published every week since, so that is about 4,600 papers give or take a few. So far I have just over 300 under my belt.

The farthest west newspaper in the contiguous United States, remember when the front page of the paper used to say that?

I am thankful and incredibly grateful to be the editor of my hometown newspaper. I follow many amazing community members that have held this position before me.

Some of these people I only know from reading their names in old copies of the Forks Forum, but many of them I have known.

In the 1930s Mae Wenham was the editor. The Astels, Jim and Mamie, and then Jim and Marion, I did not know them but know they carried the Forks Forum through the difficult times of World War II, blackouts, rationing, but they kept things going.

Some people have been the editor and I didn’t even know it, like Ralph Hilt, my math teacher, he was the editor for a while. From 1965 until 1976 Gordon Otos was the editor.

There was owner and editor Lorraine Maris from 1976 until 1990, oh, the good times, I look at those old papers and see all the businesses and I miss those days.

The paper was then sold to Brown Maloney and Olympic View Publishing and some of the editors that followed were Robert Rochon, Bill Buley, Don Gronning, George McCormick, Denise Dunne Devanney and Dusty Routh. Then Chris Cook came into our lives and did an amazing job, but for some reason he wanted to go to Hawaii, go figure! Our two temporary editors Mark Couhig and the crazy Joe Smilie, who taught me everything I know! And, I will always be grateful.

These days the Forks Forum is owned by Sound Publishing.

I am forever grateful to John Brewer, now retired, for taking a chance and giving me this opportunity and this past month my other boss, Steve Perry, has also retired.

For most of my time here at the Forks Forum most everyone has been kind as I learned on the job, but there is this woman in the east end of the county that keeps telling me, in Facebook posts, that I need to do a better job, so …when she does that I LOVE her posts! I am sure it baffles her.

Over the past 6 years, I have received many encouraging words from people in person and on the phone. I so appreciate your support. In these six-year I have actually saved two amazing, encouraging voice mails … both of them came from West End residents that are now deceased.

One was from Larry Thornton and the other from Sharon Penn. I listen to them every time that woman from the east end of the county posts on the Forks Forum Facebook page.

My biggest goal, these past 6 years, is to tell the story of my wonderful community. What makes us who we are, because in case you did not know it…we are special.

After almost 90 years and in spite of my still learning on the job the paper has always made it out every week, although it was close a few times!

Huge thanks go to Mary Field in Sequim who works with me each week to get the paper put together, she is a wizard at what she does, and thanks to Lonnie Archibald for being anywhere and everywhere to take photos. Thanks to all that submit ideas, photos, and stories, the Forks Forum is your voice.

So, until next week …. I will keep trying to do a better job and looking for typos …although I always seem to see them … just after the ink hits the newsprint!

Christi Baron, Editor