The Cottage Hotel

A few years ago Larry Burtness told me that the oldest building in Forks was a small wooden structure that sat in the side yard of the former Ninke house which sits in the middle of downtown. I thought to myself I need to take a picture of that little building and of course I didn't. More........

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The Night before Christmas (The editor’s version)

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town it was raining big buckets we thought we might drown Our raincoats were hung by the backdoor with care

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The Real Forks Night before Christmas

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town The businesses in Forks (except 76) were all closed down The decorations were hung down main street with flair

One Small Town

As the rains begin I am reminded once again about how different this past year has been while living in Forks. Forks, is a small town of 3,200 and lies in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula’s rain forest sandwiched between sea and mountains. More......

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True Color Part 13-The Stupidest Person on Earth, Can…..

The Stupidest Person on Earth, Can … For those of you who have followed my sojourn from Brazil to a rundown farmhouse in Maryland, thank you for your audience.

Forks history from the pages of the Forks Forum Thursday Dec. 18, 1941 Quillayute Grade School is destroyed by blaze

Building quickly cleared of parents and children attending Christmas program Fire Wednesday night destroyed the Quillayute Grade School. The structure was burned to the ground and only a few things were saved.

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Shop Forks first!

On the way to Port Angeles the other day, I was listening to some random Canadian radio station. It was coming in hit or miss.

Chatting Around The Campfire Forks Spartan Boys Track Record Holders — Part 1

Within the course of everyday life, many of us look for at least one crusade or cause to hang a hat on. This writer, as many of you know, is included in that number.

Chalet Saved! Part 7

Nighttime in the Enchanted Valley is spectacular. The moon comes over the mountaintop and lights up the entire valley, so you can see clearly without a flashlight.

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Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Forks (but can read on the Internet)

10. Forks doesn’t get that much rain. Found on an online blog on the subject of Forks, “As someone told me who ACTUALLY lives in Forks, WA, it doesn't actually rain there very often.” Seriously?

Second annual, Thanksgiving-ish, “What I’m Thankful For” column

10. I am thankful for all of the power outages that remind me to not take electricity or hot water for granted. My customers however, are not thankful for my lack of showers on these days that I am without hot water.

Forks: Not As Scary As Tacoma

A list recently came out naming the most crime-filled places in Washington. Tacoma was voted the crimiest. This came as a complete shock to absolutely no one, with the exception of maybe some of the residents of Aberdeen who thought they had it in the bag this year. Aberdeen is scary, but not like Tacoma.

Mandolin virtuosos to perform

Forks residents are in for a real treat on Thursday, Nov. 20, when Solo Mandolin X Two, featuring mandolin virtuosos Evan Marshall and Brian Oberlin, perform in concert at Peninsula College. The program will begin at 7 p.m. at 481 S. Forks Ave.

  • Nov 13th, 2014

Mascotting FES Part II

The school district is asking for input on mascotting the intermediate school, or as I like to call it, “Forks Elementary School, Part II”. At first I wondered why the students at FES Part II weren’t just allowed to pick the mascot that they wanted. Then I remembered what happened the last time the kids were allowed to choose their own mascot; 9 months later, we got the Puddle Jumpers.

Early logging history discussed

Join ONRC’s “Even Talks” series with Jack Zaccardo for an entertaining narrative and slide show presentation, "Logging History on the Peninsula from 1890s-1930s" from 7-8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17, in the Hemlock Forest Room at Olympic Natural Resource Center in Forks.

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Inside the Rain of Terror

When my husband Phil and I were asked to be a part of this year’s haunt, Rain of Terror, thrown by the Forks Police Foundation, we were stoked. After checking out the location there was no way we could refuse. We did our initial walk-through in the abandoned and already very eerie Quillayute Airport with Sgt. Mike Rowley. While doing so we were asked to take over the older side of the building, but we ended up with four more rooms on the newer side.

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Broken Promises

A while back I was at the police station. Just to set the record straight, I did not arrive handcuffed in the back of a police car. I was there on my own free will … and no, not turning myself in either.

The Legend of Tragedy Graveyard

Tales of a trip through the graveyard at night are a Halloween staple. What if there was a lost graveyard? A place where school children played and the identities of those buried there were long forgotten. Such a place may exist on Beaver Hill.

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The Right to Bear Tucker

Shortly after moving in to our humble abode, my family purchased and installed a high-tech home security system to protect us from the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). We live in the middle of nowhere (actually 40 minutes outside of Forks) so we need some kind of security system. His name is Tucker and he’s a year-old lab-mixed with goodness knows what else.

More unsolved West End Mysteries

Is it the chill on the backs of our necks, or the acceleration of our hearts pounding in our chests that make us watch scary movies or listen intently to stories of the unexplained? Our fundamental human desire to explore the boundaries of fear and anxiety all the while knowing we are safe and secure in a movie theater, in our living room or with friends around a campfire. With Halloween about a week away, the time is right to explore more unexplained mysteries of the West End.

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Vote Yes on hunter’s safety course for dogs

The other night, I read a Facebook thingy about Initiative 594 (gun control measure). It instructed Forks folks to vote no on the initiative because the entire town of Forks is going to be jailed if it passes. According to the Facebook thingy, merely handing your gun to anyone, including your dog, will get you thrown in jail if you do not go through the proper channels of transfershipness.

True Color-Part 9

I had a great job, but no address. My general orders were to promote public safety and be on hand for cliff or water rescues. I walked all day around Great Falls and on the C & O Towpath. For a while, I camped out and stayed with friends. The Park Service always is going on about crisp uniforms and I got written up a few times for looking like the homeless bum I was. I needed an address, but I couldn't reconcile myself to going back to suburbia.

Chatting Around The Campfire Bill White’s Alaskan Timber Cutting Venture: The Wager XI

Bill’s challenger was very pleased with how things had gone that fine summer day in 1973 — everything had gone according to plan. He was supremely confident that no one, not even Bill, could top the numbers he had etched inside his hard hat at the end of his six hours of work he had labored this day. After all, he had fell and bucked 13 huge Sitka spruce trees with a total of 113,000 board feet, according to his figures.

Forks History from the pages of the Forks Forum September 30, 1954

Just six days ago at 3:10 p.m., Friday, the Olympic Apartment building burned down, after a gas explosion shattered it and glass windows as far as three blocks away. Mrs. Alice Coyle was burned badly and 33 people were made homeless. Damage has been estimated near the $100,000 mark.

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Letter to Thievers

I wonder if you have perhaps considered just getting a job. By job, I mean where you would work for a legitimate business and receive a legitimate paycheck. This seems like such a Captain Obvious solution, but maybe no one has ever suggested this to you before? Maybe you have never even heard of jobs. It may be hard to believe now, but it is hip to be square. Jobs surprisingly come with a lot of perks.

Kittens and cats everywhere!!

There is an epidemic in Forks, an epidemic of irresponsible pet owners. People are dumping, leaving, abandoning cats all over town. Some of the worst areas have been Steven's Grove Mobile Home Park, Castle Rock, and near B & P Auto on Sol Duc Way. What is the problem? Well, they are ill and starving and it doesn't have to be that way and a good place to start is if people would only get their pets spayed and neutered.

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Three Rivers

The history behind how Forks was named is not a mystery. Pretty much everyone here knows that the Calawah, Bogachiel and Sol Duc rivers once had an abundance of silverware flowing through them. Unfortunately, due to the Utensil Rush of 1910 (another part of history that pretty much everyone here knows about), the once proud silverware population is now almost non-existent. It’s a sad tale really, but while how Forks was named is not news to anyone, perhaps there are some who do not know how the rivers around here were named?

Painting the town Red

A few weeks ago, after a particularly tough week down at the city hall, the mayor stopped by Dave Zellar’s office and said to Dave, “After a week like that, you really need to paint the town red this weekend!” Dave, who is in charge of painting projects in Forks, took these words literally and got to work immediately.

Stephenie Meyer Day 2013

There are a lot of things that Forks is good at, like rain and generosity, but, one thing we are really not good at is keeping a secret. Last year at this time I was working at Forks City Hall, the mayor came up to the front counter area and motioned to my co-worker Valerie Russell and me to come over closer to him; he whispered that we might want to dress especially nice the next day. I guess our regular attire of riggin' pants, hickory shirts and suspenders was a little too casual for his taste. So, being slow-witted it did not hit my brain that something special was going to happen the next day, but my co-worker was on it. She said, "Stephenie Meyer is coming tomorrow."

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My obnoxious friend

Steller’s jays were discovered on an Alaskan island in 1741 by 33 year old Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746) a German naturalist on Vitus Bering’s last expedition. When a scientist officially described the species, in 1788, he named it after Steller.

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Forks History from the pages of the Forks Forum

The Forks Forum was started around 1930. The Forum office has fairly good archives of hard copies of old newspapers from 1940 until the present day. The only hard copies of the 1930s are thanks to someone that sent some papers that they found back to the Forum at some point in time. The old papers have very few photos not until the 1970s are there many pictures of local people and events.

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Alternative Tourism = Geriatric gastropods?

Last week, there was an announcement that money is available for projects that promote tourism. I think this is the wrong time to announce this. At the end of August, there isn’t a single Forks resident thinking, "What we really need are MORE tourists on the road right now!” Thankfully, once November hits, our wounds from tourist season usually are heale.

Remembering Bob Bowlby

Bob Bowlby looked like just a sweet old guy in a string tie with a cane, who wouldn't say "boo" to a butterfly. But during the memorial in honor of his life at the Sekiu Community Center, Saturday, Aug. 23, a building full of family and friends and a feast of potluck food from the Strait communities, the truth came out. Family members, from as far away as Hawaii, stood up, and, laughing and crying, remembered and shared tales of an uninhibited life.

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Mending Bridges

Back in the mid-1990s, I was in the news a lot. I even made the Peninsula Daily News, which is obviously celebrity status. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite an A-List celebrity because no woman ever asked me to sign her chest. This was probably a good thing because I was 11 and that would have been awkward. Actually, I think today it would still be awkward.

School Days … Oh, the memories

With back-to-school time just around the corner, I asked some friends to recall some of their memories from their days in the Quillayute Valley School system. Surprisingly nobody recalled anything about what they learned, or did they?

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Toddlers Assault Tourists

A week ago or so, some bicyclists were passing through town. They stopped at Tillicum Park and then were pelted by rocks for no reason at all. This was probably done by a local who was irritated by tourists.

Can you go home again?

Imagine my excitement when I was contacted a few months back by a former Forks High grad that wanted to do a travel story about Forks. She asked me a few questions about if Forks had ever had any women's lib-type rallies and a few other questions about the rebuilding of the Rainforest Art Center.

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Dear Recent Grads,

With summer coming to an end, many of you are finally getting the chance to leave this narrow-minded, rainy, boring, depressing, one-stop light town! You have been dreaming about this time for as long as you can remember. You’re driving out of Forks and never looking back. Good for you! You will love the big city life (or life in any area that has more than one stop light.) There will be fun things to do, more fast food restaurants than you can count and anonymity!

Certified Lake Crescent Driver

It seems to me that there are way too many drivers who lose all common sense immediately upon Lake Crescent. I’m not just talking tourists either. Some of the worst offenders are driving cars with bumper stickers that read, “Proudly Supported by Timber Dollars.” The only answer to this problem is to require certification. No valid proof that you are a Certified Lake Crescent Driver? Sorry, you’re not allowed to operate your vehicle between Fairholm and Shadow Mountain.

Dog saves human

Nine years ago Joni Evans saved a newborn puppy that had been tossed out in the woods. Somehow it and several of its siblingS survived for about 36 hours on their own, so Joni named the dog Gunnar Grip in memory of her grandfather who after being injured in a timber falling accident had survived 36 hours before dying.

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