2022’s Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: Top 4 Direct Lenders For Payday Loans Online | Get Short Term Personal Loans Near Me

Finances can be the main problem today. It’s hard to tie the end with the end because the expenses pop up everywhere. And this becomes even worse, knowing that you have poor credit and cannot get another credit from the bank.

Because everything is possible in the 21st Century, we can help you get a loan faster than you thought. There is still a chance, even if your credit score is below 600.

Almost every third American faces financial issues that can not be covered with savings. Because of that, they search for lending stores around the town, searching for the best lender for an emergency loan that will give them a reasonable offer.

Searching for a lending store may cost you time, so we found a better way to get a loan. You can now request a loan directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are at the moment. No need for dozens of document papers, and no more wasting time. Check these best emergency loans lending platforms that connect you with a lender and get your loan in 24 hours.

Sounds great? Because it is.

2022’s Best Platforms for Emergency Loans & Personal Loan Lenders

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Emergency Loans With Fast Cash, Top Pick
  2. BadCreditLoans: Best In Bad Credit Loans With Active Lenders
  3. RadCred: Best For Payday Loans With Same-Day Funding
  4. Cash USA: Get Instant Loan With No Credit Check & Flexible Terms
  5. PersonalLoans: Best Bad Credit Personal Loan Lender For Secured loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Emergency Loans With Fast Cash, Top Pick


Brand intro

MoneyMutual is a free lending platform that connects borrowers with payday lenders without charging them for the services. Satisfied clients highly rate this platform because it provides over 2 million Americans with emergency loans, regardless of their credit score.

The lenders connected on this website offer short-term loans for various purposes. Clients can use that money to cover unexpected expenses, emergency situations, medical bills, groceries, and car repairs. Some lenders may require a reason for requesting the loan to make you the best offer suitable for your needs.

MoneyMutual has over 60 lenders, so you will have vast choices when searching for the best offer. Once you fill out the application and continue, the platform steps away from the process, and it is only you and the lenders. Money Mutual is just a middle man who connects clients with lenders, so they do not have to search separately for a lender.

Because it will take a lot of time filling 60 different applications, MoneyMutual does it with a single application. The application will be sent to all lender networks to review it and decide if they will offer a loan.


On this platform, the lenders offer loans from $200 to $5,000. The platform has many educational articles and guides that are good to check before requesting a loan. That way, you will enrich your knowledge about online lending services and be careful with the loan offers.

These short-term loans are a golden rescue for someone who needs urgent and fast cash. Everyone might get loan approval, no matter the credit score. The credit score may be used to determine the loan fees, which guarantees that the client will return the cash in the required time.

The lenders cooperating with MoneyMutual understand that everyone can get into a difficult financial situation, but they need to ensure that the client will return the borrowed money. And because of that, the lenders set loan fees to protect themselves.

The average Annual Percentage Rate on these loans varies from 5,99% to 35,99%. The APR is calculated in the loan, so you can see how much you need to pay every month before accepting the loan offer. You are not obligated to sign the offer if the fees are too high.

MoneyMutual uses secure socket layer technology (SSL) that encrypts the transmission of sensitive information.

How to apply?

The application is simple, and it will take only a few minutes to fill out. Before opening the application form, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria required to apply for a loan on MoneyMutual.

Those criteria include being an adult US citizen, having a checking account in your name, making a minimum of $800 per month, being employed or self-employed. The monthly income also includes funds from disability benefits, pension, or social security.

The application form is available on the MoneyMutual website, and it is simple to fill in. Enter the loan amount and continue to the next page that requires living state, zip code, valid email address, name, surname, and agreement to the terms and conditions for using the site.

The following application pages require personal details, credit card number, bank account details, employer’s details and contact number, your ID number, and proof for the income. You should also enter your phone number, so the lender can send you an SMS when you get loan approval.

Once you fill out the form and submit it, the lenders will review your application and make an offer for you. You will get an email or SMS notification the exact moment you get approved.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual


  • Trusted and reputable lender network
  • Free mediating services
  • Easy and quick loan approval
  • Best for emergency loans with bad credit
  • Requires filling only one application
  • Educational articles and support center 24/7
  • High data protection technology


  • There is no 100% loan approval guarantee
  • The APR may be high for bad credit loans

Additional fees

You have to be highly careful before and after accepting an offer. The lenders may require additional information before giving you a loan offer. The offer may contain high additional fees, so be careful what you sign. Once you sign the contract, there is no going back. Because MoneyMutual is no longer part of the lending process, it can not help you with the repayment issues.

Almost every lender charges fees for late payments, early pay-offs, and other similar penalties. Ensure that the repayment amount is suitable for your financial situation before getting in trouble.

#2. Bad Credit Loans: Best In Bad Credit Loans With Active Lenders


Brand intro

Bad Credit Loans is the exact thing the name points out. The platform provides quick and short-term loans for everyone who needs personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation loans, student loans, mortgages, and auto loans. This platform helps clients find a lender faster and qualify for a loan even with a poor credit score.

The company is based in Nevada, and since its founding, it has helped people get quick funds for emergencies, regardless of their credit score. It is an excellent solution for individuals who need debt consolidation or unexpected expenses coverage but do not qualify for traditional bank credits.

Clients can get these excellent time-saving services entirely free. Bad Credit Loans is not charging fees for using its application form and connection services. The clients can quit the application anytime without paying penalties.

The lenders connected to this lending platform can request a loan with a repayment time of 90 days to 60 months. Because the application requires sensitive data, the website uses high encryption technology to protect the database, so the clients can feel safe sharing their personal information.

Bad Credit Loans will delete all personal data collected from the clients once they receive verification for the request.


Bad Credit Loans offers loan amounts from $500 to $10,000. Most clients with bad credit scores can receive a maximum of $1,000 because they are a category of high risk. The APR may vary depending on the loan purpose, amount, and repayment time. The lender will determine it, and it may vary from 5,99% to 35,99%.

The platform has simple and understandable terms and conditions of using the site. The service is committed to transparency, so they clearly share the rates you should expect, which is not the case with most lending platforms. It warns all clients that lower credit score charges higher APR interest rates because of the financial risk level.

Bad Credit Loans has a calculator so the clients can calculate to determine their payment amounts based on the interest rate, fees, repayment time, and borrowed amount. The interest rate is always determined by the credit score and the client’s ability to repay the loan.

The calculator will help borrowers adjust different loan variables and understand how the loan will affect the monthly payments. Increasing the loan length is decreasing the monthly payments. The clients can use the loan for any kind of expense.

How to apply?

Bad Credit Loans isn’t a lender but offers a free application form, so the clients can save time and apply for multiple loans with only one application. Clients should meet the eligibility criteria to be able to apply for a loan.

The borrowers should be at least 18 years old US citizens or have legal residency, have regular monthly income of full-time employment, self-employment, social security, or disability benefits, have an active bank account, active phone number, and valid email address. These services are not available in all USA countries, so check the availability when applying.

The form is free and straightforward. It requires basic information like loan amount, credit type, loan reason, name, surname, birth date, and zip code. The clients should share proof if they are active military members to enjoy more significant loan benefits.

The application also requires other details like living address, phone number, employer’s info, identity proof, bank account details, and monthly income amount and source. Monthly income proof is essential so the lender can determine if you can repay the loan amount in total and in the required time.

The client will receive notification if he is qualified for a loan.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans


  • Transparent and trusted lending platform
  • Best loans for poor credit score
  • Great chances of getting an approval
  • Fast and free application form
  • Multiple loan types
  • Loan amounts of up to $10,000
  • High data security encryption technology


  • Minimum loan amount of $500
  • Not available in all USA states

Additional fees

Bad Credit Loans is pretty transparent about the fees that come with the loans. The clients will be informed about the possible charges the lender may provide, even before they request a loan. Besides the variable APR interest rate, the lender may set an origination fee of about 1% and additional loan closing fees. Those fees depend on the lender, loan amount, and the client’s creditworthiness.

Almost all loans come with late payment and skipped payment fees, which can be relatively high, especially with poor credit scores. Bad Credit Loans recommends being careful with signing a loan offer.

#3. Radcred: Best For Payday Loans With Same-Day Funding


RadCred is one of the most trusted cash advance resources. RadCred analyzes your information and uses its vast network of lenders and other third party lenders to decide whether to give you a loan. With so many companies offering cash advances, you may be wondering why we should choose.RadCred provides the safe, easy and fast service you need to find the right personal loan for you. Local lenders are part of our lending network. Fees and costs charged by lenders can be higher than those charged by state-licensed lenders and are subject to federal and tribal rules rather than state law.



We use industry standard encryption to protect your personal information. See our privacy policy for more information.

Basic Requirements

There is a simple online application form that you can fill out in minutes. As long as you meet our basic requirements, you can easily apply for a personal loan that suits your needs.

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you are in line with the lender. We have created a convenient way for you to apply for a personal loan.


  • Trusted Cash Advances
  • Vast network of lenders
  • Safe and easy personal loan service
  • Local lenders part of local network
  • Encrypted to protect your personal information


  • New In the market
  • Not having huge market cap

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. Cash USA: Get Instant Loan With No Credit Check & Flexible Terms


Brand intro

Cash USA is a mediating platform that helps clients find a lender quickly. It does not charge anything for using its services and submitting a loan request. The website shares clients’ data with lenders and third-party lender networks to make a suitable offer depending on customers’ characteristics.

If the client’s financial condition is poor and no lender offers a loan, the website will send the client’s information to other third-party partners who offer credit repair or debt relief services. The single application request is sent to many lenders and third-party financial partners so that the clients will save a lot of their precious time.

Cash USA partners with many lenders, meaning there are available loans for all credit types and profiles. This lending platform provides clients with instant loans for emergencies so that the clients will receive their funds in less than 24 hours.

Clients’ duty is to provide accurate information and proof of citizenship, monthly income, and employment, so the lender will ensure the borrower will repay the loan in total. The clients should fill out the application form and wait for loan approval to start the borrowing process.

Clients have a full right to report fraud if they see suspicious personal data usage.


This lending site allows borrowers to request a loan using their convenient online process, and if they get a loan approved, they will receive the funds the following business day. The borrowers can complete the request form if they have bank account details and personal information on hand before filling out the request form.

The loan amount can vary from $500 to $10,000. Most borrowers with poor credit scores can get a maximum of $1,000 to $1,500 loan amount because they are risky borrowers. This automatically increases the interest rates, so the lender ensures that the borrower will return the loan in the predicted time. The loans come with variable Annual Percentage Rate, which may be as low as 5,99% and can go up to 35,99%.

Cash USA offers various loan purpose options, so the borrowers receive an offer suitable for their purpose and financial condition. The clients can find debt consolidation loans, emergency loans, auto purchase/repair loans, home renovating or moving loans, loans for medical purposes, student loans, and many more.

Lenders cooperating with Cash USA offer short-term loans for 3 to 72 months. The duration depends on the loan purpose, amount, and the client’s creditworthiness.

How to apply?

Requesting a loan was never more accessible and faster. The clients need to prepare their personal information documents and bank account number. Once you have these papers by your side, the application will go even faster.

The applicant should prove he is older than 18 years, has US citizenship or permanent residence, has been employed for the last three months, meets the specific minimum monthly income, has an active checking account, and is able to provide all working and home phone numbers and email addresses.

The request form asks for personal information such as name, zip code, birth date, loan amount, phone number, living address, income source, income amount, employment duration, employer contact information, ID or driver’s license, SSN, bank account type, etc.

The last step asks about what the client owns in his name, whether it is a house, car, or other possessions. Once filled in the required information, the client submits the request. Cash USA uses the application form and sends it to the lenders’ networks so they can review it.

Each lender has different criteria for offering a loan, so it may take some time to get a loan offer depending on your needs and creditworthiness.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Trusted and reliable lender partners
  • Various loan type options
  • The clients can review the offer before accepting it
  • Secure website
  • Autopay features and online payments
  • Bad credit score loan approval
  • Fast and simple application


  • Cash USA is not a direct lender
  • Some lenders charge high loan fees

Additional fees

Cash USA can not foresee the loan’s additional fees since they are the lender’s discretion. Every loan comes with variable fees, and the lending platform can not influence the lender’s decision. You should be warned that these kinds of loans come with significantly higher fees than traditional bank loans.

The lenders charge penalties if the client skips payments, repays the monthly payments late, or makes early pay-off. Borrowers should be cautious because these penalties can be enormous. Cash USA recommends setting autopay so the customers do not get in trouble and worsen their finances.

#5. Personal Loans: Best Bad Credit Personal Loan Lender For Secured loans


Brand intro

Personal Loans is a trusted and reliable lending platform that enables connections between borrowers and lenders. That way, the lending process is more simplified, and the clients save lots of time. The platform partners with trusted lenders from the USA that offer loans, despite the poor credit score.

Because many people face financial difficulties every day but cannot get a traditional bank loan, Personal Loans steps in front and gives them a financial solution. This lending platform offers higher loan amounts, and compared to the previous brands, this platform can give up to $35,000.

Borrowers can use these loans for multiple purposes, whether it is debt consolidation, house renovation, car repairs, educational purposes, hospital bills, or emergencies. It is good to mention the reason why you need that money, to help the lenders make the most reasonable offer.

Personal Loans offers a short online request form that the clients need to fill out. Later, the form is sent to the lenders, so the clients get fast loan offers and receive the funds in record fast time. These kinds of mediating sites shortcut the borrowing process and provide the borrowers with needed funds the following business day.


Personal Loans has an excellent customer rating of 9.8 out of 10 stars. This lending platform offers higher loan amounts starting from $1,000 and going up to $35,000. Personal Loans connect borrowers to lenders without charging any fee for their services. The clients can use the application form and submit it without being charged for that.

As many online lenders, those connected to the Personal Loans website charge variable Annual Percentage Rate of at least 5,99% to up to 35,99%. The apr varies depending on many crucial factors related to the loan and the applicant’s creditworthiness. The repayment time usually varies between 3 and 72 months.

The request form requires sensitive information, and because of that, Personal Loans uses high encryption technology to secure the data transmission and prevent information stealing. Collected information is sent to lenders and other financial partners, who can help the client receive loan offers or additional credit repair services.

Personal Loans wants to warn the clients about all advantages and disadvantages of requesting a loan from private lenders. Emergency loans have higher interest rates and additional fees, so the clients should be careful when accepting an offer.

How to apply?

Because everything is much better online, the customers can request a loan in minutes. The form is available on the Personal Loans website and requires basic information. Before filling out the form, the applicant should ensure he meets the specific eligibility criteria.

Personal Loans provides loans to USA citizens or residents older than 18, have regular monthly income, have stable employment relationships, own a bank account in their name, and agree with all terms and conditions of using the website. Meeting these criteria does not mean the client will get 100% loan approval.

Borrowers with a credit score below 600 should have a minimum monthly income of $2,000. The request form asks for personal information like name, date of birth, living address, state, zip code, phone number, ID or driver’s license number, SSN, employer’s name, employment duration, proof of monthly income, loan amount, loan purpose, and more.

Once the applicant fills in all required information, he can submit the request and wait for it to be reviewed by the lenders. The lenders will decide if the client is eligible for a loan. If he is not, the request will be sent to non-lender network partners who offer credit repair solutions.

⇒ Visit the Official Website ofPersonal Loans


  • Fast and secure way to get a loan
  • High data encryption technology
  • Loan amounts of up to $35,000
  • Funds in 24 hours
  • Simple and free request form
  • Trusted and reputable USA lenders
  • No collateral required


  • Applicants should have a high monthly income
  • There is no 100% loan approval guarantee

Additional fees

These loans are more “expensive” than those the bank gives to the customers. Because people who request a loan from private lenders are not able to get a bank loan, these lenders set high-interest rates and fees. Clients with a poor credit score are risky categories, so the lenders need protection that those people will return the borrowed amount.

Lenders on this platform charge early pay-off and late payment fees, which are typically high and can worsen the client’s financial situation if he is not careful with the dates. The lenders charge additional fees, but they are secret because they depend on the specific case.

How We Choose These Emergency Payday Loans Brands?

  • Fast loan request

Because searching for a lending store around the town takes a lot of hours and nerves, we chose these lending platforms to simplify the borrowing process. Online lenders work much faster, so the clients can get their funds in a record short time. For example, these four platforms partner with lenders that transfer the funds in one business day.

It takes a few minutes to fill in the form, a few hours to get loan approval, and the funds are on the account the following day. The entire process is simplified so the customers can always rely on these lenders in emergencies.

  • Simple online form

No more dozens of document papers and waiting in rows to apply for a loan. When we said that the entire process is simplified and more accessible, we taught everything about online borrowing. The online form is free and available for everyone who meets the eligibility criteria and needs fast credit card cash advances.

The request form requires basic information about the applicant like his name, birth date, living location, country, contact number, employment information, income details, loan amount, and purpose. Once the client fills in all requirements, he submits the request and waits for approval. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the form and get loan approval.

  • Free services

The most important thing is that these four lending platforms do not charge a single dollar for using their services. They work in different ways and are not profiting from the clients. All borrowers can feel free to call the customer support center, read the educational articles on the site, fill out the form, submit it, or quit without being charged for it.

These four middle man platforms help many people improve their finances and get financial help online without getting in more significant financial trouble or paying additional fees for using connection services. We chose these brands because they will save time and money for people who need urgent cash.

  • Satisfied clients

Customer satisfaction means a lot to us. We appreciate what other people think and have experienced using these services, which guided us to choose exactly these brands. The overall rating varies from 4 to 4.6 stars, which is an excellent reputation for a lending platform.

The high rating means these websites are trusted by many customers who got loan approval as the website points out. Because no one guarantees loan approval, the clients should be aware that they might be rejected, which is not a reason to leave bad feedback for the brand.

Overall, the clients are happy that they got loan approval, and the terms were quite reasonable. It depends from lender to lender, but these lending platforms are highly recommended by the clients anyway.

  • Wide lender choice

Because it is impossible to send 50 different requests to 50 different lenders at the same time, these sites send only one request to hundreds of lenders at the same time. This saves time and money, and the clients can receive multiple loan offers.

It is better when you can choose, which is the case with these lending sites. The clients can receive more than one loan offer, so they can carefully read and compare the terms and fees given by the lender. That way, they can find the most suitable offer for their needs.

However, it may happen for some clients to receive only one offer, which does not mean to accept it if the fees and terms are enormous and may worsen the financial situation. Nobody is obligated to accept an offer with high fees and unreasonable terms.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Emergency Loans with Bad Credit score

  • Your income

You should know that these loans come with much higher APR and fees than bank loans. If these loans are your only way out, you should know that you will pay way more than you borrow. Calculate your monthly income and see if that money can cover the monthly repayments for the loan.

Some lenders require minimum monthly income to offer you a loan, while some require proof of employment to ensure you will continue getting your salary until you repay the entire loan. Spend your money rationally to avoid getting into worse financial conditions. Deciding on these kinds of loans should increase your responsibility about spending the money and be your lection in managing with funds.

  • Calculate your credit score

If a bank is not giving you a loan, it may mean that you have a bad credit score. Having a bad credit score may cause difficulties in borrowing money because the banks are not feeling secure giving you money because of your irresponsible credit history.

You can ask for a bank report with your credit score or check it online. FICO score ranges from 300 to 850. Every credit score below 600 is considered a poor credit score, which is the main reason why the bank is not giving you a loan.

  • What other clients experienced

When you decide on borrowing money from private lenders, check their reputation and what other customers experienced. There is no guarantee that you will get a loan offer, so check for lenders who offer bad credit loans. Most lenders and lending companies share only the positive aspect of the borrowing process, but the clients will share the darker side of borrowing from private lenders.

Let this factor guide and aware you of all advantages and disadvantages when borrowing money online. The lenders make an offer depending on individual factors, which does not mean you will experience the same thing as the XY person. However, customer feedback will be very helpful in your loan research.

  • Check the terms and fees

This is the main factor you should consider before accepting any offer. Remember, you are not under obligation to accept any loan offer. High fees and rates may worsen your finances and get you in more significant trouble. The lenders have their own terms, and all terms and fees are determined by the applicant’s features.

They cannot be the same for every applicant, so nobody can tell how high the fees can be. Carefully read every detail on the contract and ensure you did not miss a single detail, especially in the fee section. Some lenders may have hidden fees in the contract, so they trick you into signing the offer. Once you put your e-signature, no force can bring you back.

  • Do not overborrow

If you want to improve your financial condition, credit score, and maintain a healthy financial balance, you should not overborrow money, especially when it comes to this kind of loan. Calculate your expenses and borrow exactly how you need. Larger loan amounts come with larger APR, fees, taxes, and a more extended repayment period.

These loans are meant to help you in urgent situations and take you back on your feet as soon as possible. Overborrowing may only get you in bigger trouble and worsen your finances. Get how much you need. These loans are not free cash for living a luxury lifestyle.

FAQs About Emergency Loan Lenders

Q1. What is an emergency loan?

An emergency loan is a personal loan meant to cover an individual’s emergencies. Sometimes the savings are insufficient to cover urgent expenses, so these loans can help. Usually, these loans are used by individuals with poor credit scores who are unable to get a bank loan or use another credit card.

Emergency loans can be used to cover urgent home or car repairs, medical bills, funeral costs, educational expenses, moving, rent, and more. In these situations, many people need money as soon as possible, so these loans are just the perfect way out in the moment. These loans can be secured and unsecured loan, meaning the secured loans require collateral, while unsecured personal loans do not.

Q2. Who can apply for an emergency loan?

Most lenders require meeting specific eligibility criteria to qualify for a loan. For example, the most common requirements are being a US citizen or permanent resident older than 18 years. These loans are a serious thing, so minors can not request them. The criteria also require being in employment relations, so the lender will be sure you have proper monthly income to repay the loan.

Some lenders require a minimum monthly income because the fees are high, and the borrower must be financially stable to repay the total loan amount. The borrowers need to provide accurate phone numbers and email addresses, so the lender can quickly contact them if something goes wrong with the loan or monthly repayments.

Q3. What if I do not repay the loan on time?

Well, this leads to terrible consequences. Most lenders charge penalties for missed and late payments, so you will have to pay those penalties. Sometimes, late payments charge high penalty fees, which may increase your repayment rates and affect your finances. In these cases, the lender will try to withdraw those funds from your bank account, send you to a collection agency, or open a payment negotiation.

Some lenders may contact you and ask you if you forgot the payment date, so it is best to find a solution between the two of you. If you can not pay the monthly repayment due to the specific date, you better call the lender and ask for a few more days. To avoid these kinds of penalties, most lenders recommend setting an autopay.

Q4. Why am I not getting a loan offer?

There is no 100% guarantee that you will get loan approval. Maybe your credit score is that bad that the lenders are not feeling safe to give you a loan. Sometimes, you may face trouble getting a loan if you miss some of the lender’s required criteria.

That may include not meeting the minimum credit score requirement, having a low monthly income, not having a checking account, having outstanding personal loans, having overdrafts in the bank, or sharing inaccurate information in the request form.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Loan Company For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit?

Emergency loans are the best option if you need urgent cash to cover unexpected expenses. Everyone can get in this situation, so it is not something you should be ashamed of.

Requesting an emergency loan can be the most discreet way to borrow money, without asking your family members to borrow and asking you hundreds more questions about why you need that money.

Many people find help using these lending platforms, so that they might be helpful for you, too. Carefully read all the details the lender includes in the loan offer to avoid getting in trouble.

It takes only a few minutes to request an emergency loan and 24 hours to get the funds in your bank account if you are opting for RadCred & Money Mutual.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you found all the information about online borrowing.

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