Best Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approvals In 2022: Top 5 Payday Loan Lending Sites To Give Instant Personal Loans With Speedy Cash Online

Short-term loans are some of the best ways to take care of emergencies, and there are always platforms ready to work with you. However, getting such a loan with bad credit is usually tricky, what with the high-interest rates and unfavorable loan conditions. You may be discouraged from seeking a loan if you have bad credit.

It is even impossible to get a loan with bad credit in some cases. Why would any true businessperson want to lend money to anyone with less than fair credit scores? So, if you have an emergent need such as a medical expense, car trouble, leaking roof, utilities to pay, and some groceries to buy, it may be challenging to find the funding you need.

That’s what it used to be several years ago. Financial awareness is increasing, and people are learning ways to maximize their income. That is why you can find bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Many platforms are available to provide loan services, whether you have a stellar credit history. Some go by not carrying out a credit check before lending. There are a few other criteria to determine who is eligible. Most applicants get the financial help they need.

One of the upsides of using these platforms is the possibility of improving your credit rating. When you borrow money through them and make timely payments, these platforms have a way of reporting to credit bureaus and changing your credit history. Their independence makes the process even better as they remain flexible in credit ratings.

This article does not contain only the highly-rated platforms for bad credit loans. It shows the tested and trusted ones based on industry regulations, accrediting institutions, and customer reviews. Typically, most of the platforms that offer these services do not directly lend to customers, but through them, you know the interest rates, which are usually high. Nevertheless, a few still offer reasonable rates that fit your payment schedules. We recommend that you get out the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals from reputable online lenders.

Top 5 Online Picks For Bad Credit Loans [2022]:

  1. BadCreditLoans – Overall Best Online Loan Lender For Bad Credit Loans, Editor’s Choice
  2. MoneyMutual – Trusted Online Bad Credit Short Term Loans, Runner’s Up
  3. RadCred – Get Instant Cash & Quick Approval Guaranteed
  4. FundsJoy – Best Emergency Payday Loans With Minimum Credit Score
  5. CashUSA – Recommended Platform For Same Day Approvals
  6. PersonalLoans – Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Based On Interest Rates

#1. BadCreditLoans – Overall Best Online Loan Lender For Bad Credit Loans, Editor’s Choice


The brand is not a new name in the loan industry. It has many old and new users, and most of them have only good things to say. We are not basing our judgment only on this but did our research. Apart from the large customer base, it also has a solid and credible lender network.

With one application, the platform BadCreditLoans connects you to more than one lender. It is easy to compare loan terms and annual percentage rates for the best deals. You can be sure that the lenders within the network are credible, so the loan terms are usually favorable. Moreover, you can rest assured that there is no restriction on choosing a lender. If one does not work, you are free to move to the next. You can be sure that the brand knows the business because it has been in it since 1998.

BadCreditLoans has a simple application process. Just like many other platforms, it does not lend to borrowers. It simply connects them to different lenders for negotiations and agreement. The platform has an online form to fill out to begin the application process. It has a set of requirements for approval; the information you provide determines whether or not you get approval.

It is always best to have the necessary documents and details handy before beginning. You can easily reach them and add the required information for each step. For example, if you need to provide your social security number for identification, you may want to have the details handy so you do not miss a step.

The brand’s online presence makes it easy to apply from anywhere within the United States, as long as you are eligible. The information you provide determines the bargains and loan sums, usually capped at $5000. However, you can receive the money within one day and use it for any emergency need. The platform does not demand you provide the reason for the loan.


All Credits Accepted: As the platform’s name suggests, it does not discriminate between excellent credit and bad credit when giving loan approvals. So, it may be your best bet if you need bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Secure Platform: Rest assured that the information you provide during the application is safe. The platform uses high-end encryption to keep its website safe and private from hackers. Apart from safety, the site is easy to use and navigate.

Reasonable Rates: BadCreditLoans has a reputation for offering fair interest rates, which are pretty competitive on the market. The availability of multiple lenders also allows you to compare rates.

Speedy Funds Delivery: As with most loan platforms, BadCreditLoans ensures you receive the loan within twenty-four hours if the agreement with the lender goes well.


  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Recognized and rated by Better Business Bureau
  • All credits accepted
  • Quick transfer of funds
  • Bad credit loans guaranteed
  • Reasonable requirements


  • Low loan amounts for bad or poor credit
  • No involvement in loan terms negotiation

Customer Experience

Customers like the simplicity of the loan application and the website’s user-friendly interface. They also like that there are little or no credit checks, especially those with poor credit. The best part is how quickly the platform delivers loans.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#2. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Short Term Loans, Editor’s Choice


MoneyMutual is a vast lending marketplace where borrowers meet lenders and interact. It is a widely trusted platform with more than one million customers, both old and new, and safe and secure. Details you may make available during interaction remain with the platform, and you need never worry about hacking or leakage to unwanted parties.

The platform does not directly lend money but connects you to one or more lenders. One of the advantages of using MoneyMutual is that you may get a connection to multiple lenders with just one application. It creates room for navigation and making a choice, unlike when you are stuck with one lender. That way, you can negotiate terms and choose another if they are not favorable.

Another advantage is that the service is free. You do not pay an application fee or pay anything for using the platform. Any extra fee may come after negotiating terms with a lender, resulting from specific contract terms.

Applying through the platform is straightforward. You have to fill out the online form, submit it, and wait for a loan decision. The decision usually comes within minutes of applying. That way, you can make other plans if the result is not favorable. The requirements are generally basic: your name, address, email address, phone number, and valid form of identification. Also, you must provide a bank account and a source of income.

However, there is hardly anyone who uses MoneyMutual that leaves unsatisfied. The platform ensures its customers are connected to reliable lenders. The payout time is also short; if all goes well, you may receive the loan sum in your account within one day. That is part of the reason the brand is one of the best for short-term emergency loans, even for bad credit customers.


Perfunctory Credit Checks: The platform only carries out minimal or superficial credit checks on its customers. That is not to say the results affect whether or not you get credit approval.

Multiple Lenders: MoneyMutual works with more than sixty lenders, and with one application, you can get connected to various lenders. Getting the best terms is easier if you are not stuck with only one.

Approval Period: It takes only minutes for the platform to inform you whether or not you are eligible for a loan. You can quickly move to other platforms if you fall short of the requirements.

Quick Funding: MoneyMutual has a high rating for delivering funds within a short period. It ranks high on our list because of its quick response in times of emergencies. The brand excels at short-term loans.

Loan Sums: MoneyMutual allows lenders to give up to $5000 as loan sums. Depending on the type of need you have, it may not be enough to cover it.


  • Large base of satisfied customers
  • Stellar reviews
  • Quick delivery of funds
  • Multiple lenders
  • Bad credit allowed


  • Insufficient loan sums
  • Not available in every state

Customer Experience

Customers say the platform is friendly and has a user-friendly interface on its website. The speedy delivery of funds is also one hallmark of using the service, and most of them appreciate it, especially in emergencies.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#3. RadCred – Get Instant Cash & Quick Approval Guaranteed


RadCred shines as one of the platforms to deliver same-day loans without checking your credit score. It is the ideal place for everyone looking for a short-term loan, whether you have bad or excellent credit scores. Note that it does not lend to you but works with a vast network of lenders to ensure that customers get a connection to reliable lenders.

The service is free and fast, and the rates are reasonable. One outstanding feature of the platform is that it offers up to $35,000, which is considerable for many emergencies. Once you go to the site, there is a form to fill with requirements that prove you are eligible. You must provide your name and an email address, phone number, and a form of identification. You must also present proof that you have a source of income since it is one way to ensure you can repay the loan.

Rest assured that your personal information on the site is safe encryption to protect customers’ details and ensure privacy. It should be so because RadCred has been in the loan industry for more than twenty years. So, when you have provided the required details and submitted the application, the platform connects you to lenders. Then, you can take it up from there to negotiate terms.

RadCred does not get involved in negotiating the contract terms and does not influence the outcome. The results are up to the borrower and the lender. However, the lender can deliver funds within twenty-four hours once you agree. Furthermore, it provides a flexible repayment plan, allowing a borrower to pay the loan back within 72 months or six years.


Flexible Terms: The loan contract terms are negotiable, and the lender delivers loan amounts based on your information. Also, the repayment plan can change if you request it from the lender. In other words, the platform works with lenders that offer flexible terms to customers.

No Credit Check Same-day Loans: The loan you apply for comes within one day of signing the agreement. The platform has a wide range for selecting loan sums, between $1000 to $35,0000.

Repayment Schedule: RadCred also offers flexible repayment plans. Borrowers can repay the loan sums within 72 months, which is a reasonable time to work out a schedule that fits your income.

Requirements: The platform asks for basic requirements, but you must prove to be of legal age of consent. You must also have a steady and stable source of income, a bank account, email address, and phone number. These are basic, but they make the process easier.


  • Transparent and accountable
  • Quick loan approval, even for bad credit
  • Wide loan-sum range
  • No credit check
  • Private and secure website
  • Customer priority
  • Multiple lender connection


  • The entire loan sum may not be available to all credit types
  • Must have a steady income source

Customer Experience

The large sum available widens the room for borrowing. The platform offers a maximum of $5000; RadCred offers more. Customers like that they can choose the amount they need. Also, the multiple lender connection with one application eases the process of comparing rates and contract terms.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. FundsJoy – Best Emergency Payday Loans With Minimum Credit Score


The primary goal of FundsJoy is to provide loan options for anyone with poor or bad credit who is unable to secure a loan elsewhere. That means the platform accepts all credits, whether poor or bad. It is an ever-growing marketplace for borrowers to meet credible lenders, negotiate terms, agree, and disburse funds.

The online platform makes applications easy for all categories of people. You can apply at home or at your office. Also, the steps are easy, and you can see your progress by using a calculator. Although the process may look tedious at first, you can complete it within a few minutes. It helps to have all the necessary details to prevent prolonging the application more than required.

Even though FundsJoy is relatively new on the market compared to other platforms, it is reliable with all the positive reviews. It partners with three credit bureaus to improve the chances of approval for bad credit customers. You approve a creditworthiness check during the application, but it does not necessarily affect the approval outcome. However, the lender can deliver the requested funds within one day of approval.

With loan sums of up to $5000, FundsJoy is easily one of the best platforms for emergency same-day loans. If you are in a financial fix and have no way to get the funding you desperately need, you may want to consider getting a loan of this type. Based on your information, the platform determines how much to disburse and the repayment plan.


Security: The platform does not store a user’s login details on its website. This step prevents the loss of vital information and ensures it remains secure. Also, the site’s encryption reduces the risk of hacking and theft.

Unique Application Form: FundsJoy has a unique application process. It is not the traditional form other platforms use; it is more detailed without tedious. While applying, you see a calculator that shows your progress. The calculator moves and displays the progress percentage; if you miss a step, the number does not increase.

Uses Credit Bureaus: The company uses credit bureaus for application approval. The job of these bureaus is to check the creditworthiness of each application and determine whether or not it is eligible.

Same-day Approval and Disbursement: You can get approval and fund disbursement within twenty-four hours of completing your application. A single application may connect you to various lenders, but you must choose one, come to an agreement, and get funded.


  • A detailed but easy application process
  • Site encryption for information protection
  • No paperwork needed
  • Bad credit accepted
  • No storage of login details


  • Loan sums may be too small
  • Approval of application does not equate to acceptance

Customer Experience

People like that the platform provides same-day loan approval and disbursement. It helps for times when they have emergencies that need immediate attention. The site is easy to use, and the application does not take too long.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FundsJoy

#5. CashUSA – Recommended Platform For Same Day Approvals


CashUSA is another marketplace for securing quick emergency funds. If you have a financial need and have exhausted all options available, consider trying CashUSA. The platform offers loans to all credit types, and even though it runs a credit check on customers, it is not a thorough check. The main aim is to ensure people get the help they need when they need it.

The brand provides up to $10,000 and does not demand to know the purpose of the loan. Therefore, you can use it for medication, car repair, groceries, utilities, and other necessities. Fill out an application online on the brand’s site to kickstart the process. Provide all the requirements, submit the form, and wait for the approval. Typically, you get it within minutes and know whether or not you have an acceptance.

The platform takes your application to its lender network, and one or more lenders may connect with you. You do not need to visit any physical office; your email address or phone number is one way to reach you. Talk about terms with several lenders, compare terms on offer, and decide which works best. The funds enter your account once you finalize the terms, sometimes as quickly as twenty-four hours.

The best part is that anyone can apply, whether you have excellent or bad credit. Also, the process is so simple that you do not necessarily need someone to guide you. It requires only a few minutes to complete the form and wait for a response.


Various Lender Options: The multiple lenders available on the platform allows comparing terms and choosing the most favorable ones. A single application can connect you to more than one lender.

Guaranteed Loan Approval: CashUSA is the go-to for emergency and bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. You get an application approval on time and get a fund disbursement within a short period.

User-friendly Website: The platform makes using its website easy by providing an interface that is easy to navigate. Not only is it easy to use, but the application does not require too many details. Once you fill in the basic ones, you are good to go.

Customer Support: Every inquiry about the application process or the reports gets a response. You can use the email or helpline provided on the website or simply ask.

Loan Sum: CashUSA offers loans up to $10,000, a considerable sum for minor emergencies. It is also more than some platforms offer.


  • Quick and easy process
  • Bad credit loan sums of up to $10,000
  • Favorable repayment schedule
  • Vast lender network
  • Quick funds transfer
  • Secure website


  • Strict criteria
  • Extra information may be required

Customer Experience

Customers like the loan sums and how easy it is to apply for them. They also like that all credits are acceptable because it makes securing loans possible for bad credit. Additionally, they like the repayment plan, and the interest rates are negotiable.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

#6. PersonalLoans – Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit Based On Interest Rates


PersonalLoans is a unique lending marketplace where you interact with two networks of lenders. One is the immediate network you connect with when you send in your application. The platform sends your request to them, and one or more lenders contact you if they are interested.

However, the brand works with third-party lenders in the event of not finding a suitable lender within its immediate network. This third-party group specializes in working with bad credit customers so that there is something for everyone. It creates the opportunity of providing financial assistance to almost everyone that applies through the platform.

Another unique aspect of PersonalLoans is the application requirements. Unlike other platforms that require basic details, the brand goes much further to ask for detailed information.

While it may seem like a lot of information to provide, the process eliminates the possibility of requesting additional information in the future. Therefore, it is best to have all details handy before you begin the application process so that you do not cut it short halfway. If you are concerned about information protection, PersonalLoans encrypts everything to prevent theft.

Afterward, the platform connects you to different lenders who contact you for terms. When you find a favorable one, the next step is to conclude your agreement and get a fund deposit, which may take one business day to complete. You can choose between $1000 and $35,000, and there are no hidden charges; the service is free. Furthermore, the repayment plan is flexible enough to accommodate all income levels. Therefore, you have the opportunity to plan according to what you earn. After receiving the terms and conditions of the bad credit personal loan, you have three options: negotiate the terms, decline the offer, or accept it. There is no obligation to accept a loan.


Considerable Loan Sums: With up to $35,000 on offer, PersonalLoans is one of the most reliable platforms to get adequate funds to cover emergencies. It also delivers these funds on time.

Third-party Lender Network: This extra network of lenders widens the marketplace and makes it even more, accommodating for borrowers, especially those with bad credit.

Good Repayment Plan: The repayment period on offer runs up to 72 months, enough time to plan around your income and service the loan. You can also request another schedule if there is any reason you cannot meet a particular one.

Flexible Conditions: One application connects you to more than one lender. It is an opportunity to compare loan terms and decide which works best for your specific needs. If one lender is unsuitable, you are free to move to the next one.


  • Various loan options on offer
  • Significant loan sums
  • A private and secure lending marketplace
  • Favorable interest rates
  • A vast lender network
  • Easy to access and use


  • May offer low sums to bad credit
  • Must earn up to $1000 to be eligible
  • Not available in all U.S. states

Customer Experience

Users like the ease of using the website and the platform’s plans. They also like the loan sums, even if they may not be eligible for the total amount. The interest rates are also competitive, and the availability of multiple lenders means almost everyone gets a connection to a lender.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Personal Loans

Factors to Consider Before Getting Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approvals

While it is a relief to have a short selection of online platforms that offer excellent loan options, that is only half the journey. You still need to consider some vital factors that save you time and point you in the direction of the best platform for your specific needs. All the loans above are unsecured bad credit personal loans and are hard credit checks loans when requested from our website. The following are some of those factors to keep in mind.

  • Eligibility

Finding the right platform for your emergency is one thing, but it is entirely different to meet the criteria for selection. All loan companies have a selection process and criteria that you must meet before becoming eligible, whether they accept all credit. In most cases, the fact that they accept bad credit tightens the selection process.

The first essential step is to find out the credit requirements. Many take bad credit customers, but there is a minimum score. For example, some platforms do not go below 580, and all of them usually list the minimum scores on their websites. You may want to check an online FICO chart to see where your current credit score falls. Some online lenders, such as those mentioned above, tailor their unsecured loans to consumers with poor credit.

One advantage you may have is a steady job or source of income. A lender is more willing to lend you money if you have a stable source of income, whether or not you have poor credit ratings. Other essential requirements are usually available on the companies’ websites, so you may want to check them before settling for any brand.

  • Interest Rates

After you determine whether or not you are eligible for a loan from any online platform, the next step is to check the annual percentage rates (APR). This factor ranks high on the list because bad credit loans usually attract high-interest rates. These rates affect the total amount you repay at the expiration of the loan period. Do not be surprised if lenders require information other than your minimum credit score and credit history.

Different platforms usually connect you to various lenders at once, allowing you to compare rates and choose the best one. Some lenders go with the current market rates, which may be too high, while others opt to fix their rates themselves. In simple terms, most interest rates are not flexible.

  • Contract Terms

The next crucial factor is the terms laid out in the loan contract. They are not the same as other terms on products; they significantly affect your income. Therefore, you mustn’t gloss over them; ensure you read all the fine print, no matter how long it takes. A poor credit score might prevent you from expanding your company

Sometimes, borrowers are in a hurry to conclude the negotiations and get funded. They neglect to check every detail of the contract before signing it. Consequently, they may get blindsided by clauses that do not favor them. There may be hidden fees that come from the loan when you receive it, reducing the total amount. Also, there may be restrictions on spending the money.

  • Repayment Schedule

Every platform has its unique repayment schedule for all credit types. You find that many offer excellent plans for repaying the loans, but some are more favorable than others. A few of our lists offer as high as 72 months, which is ample time to plan around your regular income and make timely payments.

However, flexible repayment plans may also mean stricter penalties for defaulting on payments. If a platform is willing to extend the period of paying the loan back, it may also require you to pay the installments on time. Failure to do usually attracts charges that increase the amount you pay.

How to Secure a Bad Credit Loan with Guaranteed Approval?

Below are some steps to help in securing a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval:

  • Carefully Select a Lender

There are credible platforms that offer bad credit loans, and there are also scams. Some fraudulent companies look so genuine that they make it difficult to know they are a scam until it is too late. One way to know a scam is that they request money before loan approval. Another way is to check how long they have been operating and whether or not they have the license to operate within your state.

  • Check Interest Rates

Do not be in a rush to get a loan without comparing all the interest rates available. Take the time to check the rates between several platforms and lenders before choosing one and signing on the dotted lines. Getting a pre-approval helps to review these rates to make an informed decision.

  • Know Your Credit Score

Knowing your credit score helps you select the best bad credit loan. Not all online platforms service bad credit loans, so this step saves you some time. You can access your credit history online, but take the time to check it well. Sometimes, some errors reduce your score when it should be better. You may have a better credit score than the report displays. You can check your credit score by reviewing your credit report online in a matter of minutes.

  • Have a Budget

When making a monthly budget, ensure you include the payments for the loan. If you miss payments, you further hurt your credit rating, and poor planning can affect them. Apart from your ratings, you may incur penalties that affect the total amount you repay.

Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans Personal Loans

There are a few options to consider instead of taking a loan with bad credit. They may help you save some money in the long run.

  • Credit Card Cash Advance

Getting a cash advance on your credit card is one way to avoid taking a bad credit loan. You can buy whatever you need with your card and pay the money back later. Some financial institutions offer cash advances in credit that you can repay if you need cash.

  • Plan Your Expenses

That means you make a tight budget that allows room to save some money for emergencies. Get another income source to augment what currently comes in regularly. You may have to deny yourself some luxuries to make it happen.

  • Get a Salary Advance

Your employer may be willing to give you a loan or a salary advance if you are in a financial bind. It should be an option to try before going for a loan, especially if you have bad credit. Paying back a loan from your place of work is usually easier because your employer deducts it before monthly or weekly payments.

FAQs: Guaranteed Approval Bad Credit Loans

Q1. How do I quickly get a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval?

First, select an online platform and fill out a form. The process is usually quick and easy, so it takes only a few minutes to complete. Submit it and wait for a response, which also takes a short while. However, once you get approval and connection to a lender, agree on terms, and the money enters your account within one business day.

Q2. Can I check my credit score?

You can check your credit score online using the FICO chart or request it from your financial institution. If you have ever had to take a loan, the lending institution usually generates your credit score based on how you repay the money. The lending institution must be a recognized one for a credit bureau to generate your credit score. Be aware that making timely payments and maintaining a reasonable account balance help improve the score.

Q3. Can I get a bad credit loan as an unemployed person?

Bad credit loans are available to all categories of people, including the unemployed. It means having a steady income is not a priority for getting considered for the loan. You may need to have some money in your account before a lender considers you, but there is still a good chance of getting approval.

Conclusion: Are These Direct Loan Lenders Trustworthy?

It is no longer a challenge to get bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals, especially with online platforms. Several reliable services exist, and new ones keep springing up, widening the marketplace. Most of the personal loan lenders platforms mentioned here are well-known and trusted by millions of people in financial distress.

However, the vast number of options may make it difficult to select one company, creating another dilemma. Fortunately, we have researched so you do not have to and reduced the list to only a few. The companies on our list provide the best services at no extra charge. If you have a steady source of income, a lender likely will not mind your poor credit scores and may choose to lend you the amount you need.

There are factors to consider before picking an online platform. Some of them are the interest rates from the lenders, brand reputation, how long it has been in business, your eligibility, and the repayment plan. If you have trouble choosing one out of many because of their similarities, these factors narrow the search.

Also, consider using other options for bad credit loans, such as taking a loan from your employer or a credit card cash advance. These options are usually easier to repay and do not attract high-interest rates, whether or not you have bad credit.

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