GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: Is Glow Bowl Fresh LED Night Light Legit?

The Glow Bowl Fresh is a lavatory light that turns on automatically when someone passes close to it. With Glow Bowl Fresh, you don’t have to stumble around looking for the washroom light switch at night whenever you want to relieve yourself. It is likewise claimed that this restroom gadget even assists you in sleeping better. Nonetheless, is it worth buying it? Discover in this Glow Bowl Fresh review.

GlowBowl Fresh Defined

GlowBowl Fresh is a fun gadget that is a toilet bowl night light! Dispose of the blinding lights whenever you necessitate going to the bathroom late during the night. With GlowBowl Fresh, this LED motion-activated convenience will light up the lavatory automatically; thus, you can go to relieve yourself effortlessly without missing your aim.

Consumers can select from whichever gadget’s 13 lively LED colors they prefer or fix it on Color-Carousel style for an entertaining radiance. The product likewise comes with an integral air freshener that shall make your loo visit calming to the senses for a fresh fragrance every trip. It will now become enjoyable going to the washrooms at night!

What Makes GlowBowl Fresh Awesome?

We can deliberate how this device is distinct from other products that manufacture LED lavatory lights in this Glow Bowl Fresh review. At the outset, it is manufactured by the ORIGINAL creators of washroom lights. The product fits every model of toilets and comes with thirteen exciting and bright, vibrant colors that aid the sink and toilet in the washroom to become more visible at night.

It likewise has an integrated air freshener that you can straightforwardly replace to keep the washroom fresh and scented. Employment of a traditional air freshener isn’t applied in modern times. It’s the multi-function gadget that customers nowadays are buying.

Plus, do not overlook the best trait of this lavatory seat. It features a flexible arm LED light meant to be positioned in the area you want to be most well-lit. With the various levels of illumination, one can control the brightness of the morning. Also, you can experience five diverse scenes utilizing its five dimmer aspects that permit you to customize the light experience you wish to have.

How to Utilize Glow Bowl?

There are three simple to follow steps that will change your boring lavatory visit into a motion-activated scented and fresh night light.

Place your air freshener into the GlowBowl holder, open the LED light, and attach it to your GlowBowl Fresh; then press the dimmer button to turn the GlowBowl light on, holding the button until it blinks. Now choose from the five light dimmer levels until you reach your desired level of light.

To fit the nightlight, place the gadget on the toilet bowl. Plus, as the Carousel Mode initiates, pick from the 13 diverse LED colors that can be projected, then lock it in your preferred color option if you wish.

Finally, be illuminated with a nicely-scented toilet bowl light on your next visit to the washroom. You can currently say no more murky toilet moments with this ground-breaking fun lavatory light that shines lights in the colors of Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Aqua, Red, Orange, Pink, and Green.

Where to buy Glow Bowl Toilet Light?

To buy this fun-filled LED lavatory night light, customers will find discounted price offers. To purchase GlowBowl, you can visit their official site. This lavender-scented and convenient toilet bowl night light is reasonably priced, and it comes with terrific deals as well! A single unit of this unique light is sold at $19.99. Enjoy your toilet at night visits using this innovative lavatory LED lighting gadget. Prices are as follows:

  • One GlowBowl $19.99 + Shipping Fees
  • Buy One Get One Free $17.49 Each + Shipping Fees
  • Buy Three Get Two Free $11.99 Each + Free US Shipping
  • Buy Five Get Five Free $10.00 Each + Free US Shipping

Customers can also have at checkout the option of buying Three Energizer Max AAA batteries to ensure having batteries on hand when receiving their GlowBow for an additional $2.99.

How to Clean the Glowbowl?

The GlowBowl can be cleaned with a standard household cleaner. Consumers can even run it under a slow water stream. The mainstream of the unit itself dangles on the exterior of the bowl. The arm that hangs inside the bowl is flexible, water-tight, and can be scrubbed down or replaced as desired.

Benefits of the GlowBowl Fresh

A GlowBowl Fresh review wouldn’t be passably lacking a list of the gadget’s advantages. For those speculating whether the Glow Bowl is a scam, the following benefits shall display its significance, and ensuing GlowBowl criticisms from users shall reveal more. Some of the benefits of GlowBowl include:


Motion-activated night lights are not new; nonetheless, when it comes to toilet lighting, that is a different issue. It ensures your kids will no longer be frightened of the dark whenever using the washing room at night whereas ensuring they also strike home.


Whenever something is hanging in your toilet bowl, it automatically becomes wet. The Glow Bowl’s bendable arm is leak-proof and is effortless to clean. One can either utilize warm water or domestic cleaners to disinfect the lavatory light.

Invigorating Smell in your Bathroom

Many people love the smell of lavender and help provide a fresh-smelling washroom at all times. The integral air freshener of the Glow Bowl Fresh exploits odor protection plus offers you long-term fragrance.

Adjustable Illumination Levels

Amid the most significant aspects of the GlowBowl Fresh is that you can modify the intensity of your lavatory light. GlowBowl comprehends that specific individuals favor dimmer illumination over others. That’s why it’s fitted out with the 5 stage dimmer that you can choose to go well with your partialities.

One size Fits for All Washrooms

You can utilize the GlowBowl Fresh fits all toilet makes and models and the shape of any lavatory effortlessly.

Exceptional Carousel Mode

The gadget supports carousel mode. Guests and family members will be entertained as the colors begin repeatedly spinning within 4 seconds of a switch.


  • The battery may not last long depending on how frequent the GlowBowl is activated, and battery changes are needed.

In Summary

If you are fed up with constantly stumbling around in the darkness to take a late-night trip to the toilet or are light-sensitive, those issues can be a thing of the past. The Glow Bowl Fresh is an outstanding fun device that permits you, plus your family, to have untroubled restroom trips without waking yourself up from the standard brightness of an overhead light.

The Glow Bowl Fresh night light does not only illuminate your lavatory with various diverse colors. It likewise keeps it fragrant and fresh with its incorporated air freshener. For $19.99, you can make over any restroom into a delightful place that everyone in the family can enjoy visiting with the Glow Bowl.

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