Paper Help: How Writing Services Help Students Who Help Themselves

It’s a fact: many US students regularly use help with paper writing from specialized online services and pay money for that. Trying to justify external writing assistance or deeming such actions totally unacceptable is not what this article is focused on. If a student is determined to pay for papers help, there’s little to no chance to make them change their minds. The thing is, in most cases, this decision isn’t made of desire but of necessity. Let’s see why this happens and where needing learners can get effective aid.

Reasons Behind the Rise of College Paper Help Websites

One can sometimes hear older people saying that there’s nothing difficult in studying and that back in the day, they have been learning quite well without all those stupid internets and flashy gadgets. Yeah, well, and the grass was greener, for that matters. Yet, this is pure truth. Just some 20 years ago, studying was much more straightforward: there was no such a variety of professions and subjects; many types of modern college and university assignments were still unknown; you could perfectly make it through college with just a couple of dozen books. Today things are radically different.

Nowadays, educators and students themselves underline that learners are under enormous pressure. This happens because of higher competition, rising tuition costs, new specializations and professions, vast volumes of information and learning materials, etc. Add here the fact that the US is one of the world’s leaders in accepting international students who have to apply extra efforts to even. Consequently, the main reasons why students across the nation seek practical help by academic paper and essay writers online go down to:

  • Radical lack of time for whatever reason (too many tasks, job, health issues, etc.);
  • Difficulties understanding assignments and teacher requirements;
  • Poor research skills while there’s an overwhelming amount of available information and factual data;
  • Self-confidence and self-motivation issues when students start doubting the importance of completing higher education;
  • Insufficient command of English (primarily relates to ESL students);
  • Plus, there’s the COVID pandemic that disrupted the usual flow of things and doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon.

Top it all off with pressure to perform well no matter what, and you will see why websites that help writing papers become increasingly popular among college, university, and even high school (!) students.

Main Services a Decent Paper Writing Help Website Provides

By the example of one of the custom writing services, we explain how a modern essay company works and describe its main features. One of the reasons why we chose this particular company is that it shared internal statistics on orders that we can interpret – no other service we’ve analyzed did that. Many other websites operate on similar terms, so you can get the over picture of the industry.

Meet PaperHelp.org. It originated back in 2008. Since then, according to their website, the business grew into an organization with several hundreds of staff writers, over a hundred managers and customer care agents, and dozens of thousands of active clients. Although this paper writing service is not on the list of the industry leaders, it is a well-proven medium-sized company that delivers custom papers in English globally. Let’s break down PaperHelp’s main features.

Types of services

Apparently, the primary service PaperHelp.org provides is crafting custom college papers from scratch according to customers’ instructions and generally accepted academic writing standards. Apart from this, one can also benefit from the ‘Questions & answers’ service (including multiple-choice questions), problem solving and calculations, presentation writing, putting together a summary to an online lecture, creating CVs and resumes, professional editing.

Types of papers

Unsurprisingly, the most frequently ordered type of paper at PaperHelp is an essay, or, to be precise, any type of essay. Argumentative, descriptive, expository, narrative, admission/application, and all other in-between types – according to the service’s own statistics, they make over 51% of all orders. Other popular paper types customers can order include various kinds of reports and reviews, research papers and course works, case studies and proposals, bibliographies and capstone projects, theses and dissertation chapters.


PaperHelp claims that they manually select writers for each order matching their academic backgrounds and experience with the required level and topic. That said, the company has three writer categories:

  • Basic – assigned by default and for free if not requested otherwise;
  • Advanced – an ideal option for senior college and university-level writing, comes at an additional cost;
  • TOP – most experienced writers with hundreds and even thousands of successfully completed orders. This is the most expensive option and the only one when you can select a specific writer by yourself; in other cases, customer managers do it for you.


The minimum deadline for simple 3/4-page pages of high school and college levels is 3 hours; higher levels usually require not less than 6 hours. According to the above-mentioned service statistics, about one-third of orders come in with a 24-hour deadline or less.

Pricing & discounts

The pricing system at PaperHelp is flexible. The final cost of the order depends on several factors, namely type of paper, academic level, deadline, size (naturally), writer category, and adding or not optional Extra services (i.e., VIP support, plagiarism report, editor’s check, sources used, etc.). Saving opportunities include a discount for new customers (the WRITEFORME promo code will get 11% off the first order over $30), 5% or 10% on orders over $500 and $1000, and a Loyalty Program that lets you collect up to 15% of the order cost in credits and then use them to pay for new papers.


The advertised set of PaperHelp guarantees includes:

  • Originality guarantee (default anti-plagiarism check for free);
  • Timely delivery guarantee;
  • Confidentiality guarantee (website SSL encryption and customer data no-sharing policy);
  • Payment safety guarantee (compliance with PCI DSS);
  • Money-back guarantee (50%-70%-100% depending on the order progress).

Other features

Other PaperHelp features that don’t directly relate to custom writing services are a comparatively small database of free example papers and a regularly updated blog with informational posts and how-to guides.

How Paper Help Writing Services Work

Again, by the example of PaperHelp.org, let’s see how the majority of online writing services work and how they ensure the compliance of order requirements and completed papers.

Placing an order is simple. The most important and time-consuming part here is preparing detailed and specific instructions, which is a crucial step to ensure a truly individual approach to your order and developing precisely the paper you need. Then, you fill out the online order form: set a paper’s main parameters, paste your writing instructions, attach any materials your teacher provided, and pay the estimated order price. Important note: virtually, 99% of established writing services operate on a pre-paid basis and wouldn’t start your order until you process the payment. After that, you’ll get to the second layer of personalized approach – direct communication with the assigned expert. Thanks to this tool, customers can update and clarify initial instructions, share additional materials, discuss and track order progress. Once completed, the paper is uploaded to the user’s personal account or sent to the designated email. The last element of paper customization can be used in case there’s something you wish to change in it; for example, at PaperHelp, you are entitled to three free revisions. Altogether, these paper personalization techniques allow students get exactly the writing help they need within tight time frames.

Alternatively, some writing services use the bidding system. In it, customers post their instructions while writers bid on how fast and for how much they would craft this particular piece. A student then single-handedly chooses the writer among bidders based on their profiles and the prices they offer. However, it is a generally accepted opinion that such an approach is much riskier due to weaker writer control and, respectively, inconsistent paper quality.

A Look at the Future of Papers Writing Help Services

To sum up our overview, we’d like to emphasize that originality and individual approach make it close to impossible for existing software educational institutions use to detect the purchased paper. This is especially true if you slightly edit the delivered piece to better match your writing style. Thus, we can confidently tell that in the foreseeable future, hiring a professional essay writer at services like PaperHelp.org to ease the studying burden will remain a viable option for students of all academic levels. On the other hand, various prohibition measures colleges and universities try to implement will remain ineffective until the entire educational system is changed to put students and their needs – and not making money – at its core.

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