Fire near Danielson Road

  • Fri Aug 23rd, 2019 12:53pm
  • News

Forks and Beaver firefighters worked to control a cedar burn which threatened both forest and homes along Danielson Rd. off Bogachiel Way Wednesday afternoon. The road was blocked at the junction with Bogachiel Way and a Forks ambulance stood by. Photo by Lonnie Archibald

When they arrived on scene firemen found flames shooting 40-50 ft. in the air with a good bit of wind fanning the flames. The fire had the potential to damage nearby homes as well as get into the nearby forest land.

CCFPD#1 photo

A black tower of smoke goes up as a firefighter attacks the pile of burning cedar debris. Forks Fire Chief Bill Paul stated that so far the cause of the fire was unknown. CCFPD#1 photo

This aerial view shows the smoke heading up Bogachiel Way toward downtown, things were pretty smokey at Forks Community Hospital. The Department of Natural Resources also came on the scene and worked to keep the fire from spreading into the brush and trees. Photo Neris Biciunas/Rayonier