FJH January Students of the Month

  • Thu Feb 6th, 2020 11:08am
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Hayli and Serena in front and Abraham and Emily in back. Submitted photo

Hayli and Serena in front and Abraham and Emily in back. Submitted photo

Abraham Montealegre is a 7th grader whose proud parents are Concepcion and Adan Montealegre. His favorite subject in school is Social Studies, his favorite food is pizza, his favorite hobby is playing soccer, and his dream job is to become a professional soccer player. Staff at Forks Junior High say that Abraham is studious, polite, attentive, compassionate, and mindful of the needs of others. He is a quiet leader with a positive attitude; he has a drive for excellence in sports and academics, and can often be seen mentoring and guiding his peers. One teacher said, “Abraham is a hard-working student who seeks feedback and is always working to improve and put forth his best work. I so appreciate his work ethic and commitment to learning. He comes to class prepared, always does his work to the best of his ability, and is always willing to help others.” Another teacher said, “I can always count on Abraham to follow directions and complete his work, always with a smile and a positive attitude. I wish I could duplicate him!” Congratulations on being selected as student of the month, Abraham!

Haylijane Highfield is a 7th grader whose proud parents are Clare and Trevor Highfield. Her favorite subject in school is also Social Studies, her favorite food is French fries, her favorite hobbies are reading and acting, and her dream job is to become a forensic scientist. Hayli is a kind, helpful, exemplary student, with a super positive attitude; she is an eager learner who strives to produce high-quality work, a great communicator who advocates for herself, and a responsible student who works hard. One teacher said, “Hayli is a bright, kind soul; she thinks deeply and connects well with staff and students. She is willing to work with anyone, and her gentle kindness inspires all. She has been a great addition to FJHS.” Another teacher said, “Hayli is a wonderful student and friend who walks into class with a positive attitude and a smile. I appreciate her willingness to participate, her generosity to give her time, her hard work, and perseverance in difficult tasks. Thank you for being you, Hayli!” Congratulations on being selected as student of the month, Haylijane!

Serena Escobar is an 8th grader whose proud parents are Karla Kiedrowski and Enrique Escobar. Her favorite subject is Science, her favorite food is spaghetti, and her favorite pastime outside of school is drawing. Serena is a most respectful, studious student who works hard and turns in homework every day. One teacher said, “Serena has an excellent moral compass and work ethic; she is always aware of what she is supposed to be doing, even when others might not be doing the right thing. She uses her time well in class and completes work on time. She is respectful to all around her and very patient during lessons, group-work, and projects.” Another teacher said, “Serena has been a wonderful addition to our school. She is quiet, but you can tell she is listening intently and carefully. She pays close attention to the details in her work and asks for help when necessary. She has excellent attendance and has come for missing work first thing in the morning for an absence. And I love her sense of humor and her smile!” Congratulations on winning student of the month, Serena!

Emily Cortez-Vazquez is an 8th grader whose proud parents are Elvis Cortez and Griselda Vazquez. Her favorite subject is Social Studies, her favorite food is apples, and her favorite things to do outside of school are listening to music and writing stories. Emily is responsible, respectful, thoughtful, and polite; she puts effort into all of her work, asks excellent questions, and is always pushing to do a little better every day. One teacher said, “Emily is a hard worker and an incredible team member in small groups. I have seen her work with people who didn’t do the best job of sharing the workload evenly and Emily more than picked up the slack but didn’t do work for others; she helped her teammates make their great contribution.” Another teacher said, “I heard Emily say last year she wanted to become a teacher. Now that I work with her daily, I see that she would make the most compassionate, hardworking educator. However, she will be great at whatever she does. Her smile alone makes coming to work that day a delight.” Congratulations on winning Student of the Month, Emily!

The Student of the Month project is sponsored by Soroptimist International of the Olympic Rain Forest. Students of the Month are chosen by their teachers and honored with their parents at school for consistently displaying respect and responsibility for their behavior and academic achievement and always making good choices.