• Thu Aug 30th, 2018 1:47pm
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Recently the Clallam County Corrections facility has had numerous staff assaults by inmates who are incarcerated on various charges. All of the assaults on the staff have been unprovoked and unexpected. None of the staff members have been seriously injured, but the unpredictability and violence often associated with the attacks is of concern.

• On Saturday, August 18, an inmate attacked the deputy when lunch was being offered to the inmate.

• August 22, an inmate attempted to avoid being placed into a holding cell and when the deputy attempted to escort the inmate to the cell, the inmate bolted, slipped and fell. The deputy attempted to help the inmate up off the floor when the inmate slapped the deputy across the face.

• August 23, an inmate was causing a disturbance in a housing unit and when the deputy attempted to place the inmate into the inner cell, the inmate hit the deputy in the chest with both hands.

• August 23, an inmate attacked a counselor during a private interview with the inmate causing injury to the counselor. The counselor was discussing possible housing and medication.

• August 24, an inmate tried to run from a holding cell when lunch was being offered. The deputy attempted to stop the inmate by grabbing them by the arm. The inmate turned around grabbed the deputy by the arm and dug their fingernails into the arm of the deputy and then slapped the deputy across the face.

• August 25, an inmate attempted to attack another inmate that was being escorted to his cell by two deputies. The deputies stepped in front of the inmate to protect him from the attack, when the attacking inmate assaulted one of the deputies with a closed fist.

Corrections deputies are trained annually on the proper use of control devices such as the restraint chair, defensive tactics, and the facility’s newest restraint called The WRAP. The WRAP restrains a person in a comfortable, seated upright position that creates a “papoose effect” which is a position that has a calming effect for the individual. These techniques are utilized on a regular basis to ensure the inmates who are combative and uncooperative can be restrained and secured without injury to the inmate.

In 2017 there were 4 assaults on corrections deputies and so far this year there have been 8 assaults with six of those assaults being in a one week period of time. All of these assaults have been referred to the prosecutor’s office for charging. Assault of a Corrections Deputy is a class C felony.