It’s Rainfest Weekend

  • Fri Apr 20th, 2018 10:23am
  • News

There’s something special about a rainy day that brings out the creativity in people, is there something to this, or is it nothing more than a trick of the mind?

As it turns out, there is a scientific basis for this, and it’s not exclusive to rain. A study has declared that ambient noise – at a particular volume – has a profound influence on increasing creative production.

If you want to boost your creative output, you ideally want to be working in an environment with 70dB of background noise. Or … the pitter patter of rain.

It is not certain if the early organizers of Rainfest knew about this phenomenon but in the early 1990s they did want to do something in the season not so much frequented by tourists. It was also pre-Twilight fan, and the West End was overflowing with rain and creative people.

So, Rainfest was born.

Over the years Rainfest has evolved and changed. The Piecemakers Quilt Club added the Fabric of the Forest Quilt show and over time the beach clean-up and Rivers and Ocean film festival was also added and this year all activities will be on one weekend.

Since it was formed a few years ago the Rainforest Council for the Arts has offered some new life and activities to the annual event.

Some of the fun that is happening this weekend includes; the quilt show and classes, book sale, dance lessons, Free Olympic National Park entry, umbrella parade, children’s book give-a-way. Free River Floats are a new addition, Art show and sale, music, film festival, recycling art contest, basket weaving class and more.

The Rainforest Arts Center will play host to many of these activities and on Saturday “Art for All Ages” will offer “plarn” crochet, card making and finger painting with all materials provided free of charge.

For the complete schedule of activities, times and locations, see page 12.

John’s Beachcombing Museum will also open for the season, see page 12 for admission fees, and the Forever Twilight in Forks exhibit will be open free of charge.

Science has created some fantastic apps that will simulate the sound of rain … looking at the forecast for the weekend, it probably won’t be needed.