Little Book with a Big Heart

  • Tue Dec 12th, 2017 2:08pm
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For Jennifer Colandrea, every dog deserves to have a happy life and no dog should ever be put down because they are unwanted or unloved. She lives her conviction and has several rescue dogs herself. Her love of her rescues has turned into a series of three sweet little books that Jen hopes will speak to children and their parents.

Jennifer, a former middle school teacher, has lived in New York and Florida and now makes her home in Forks. She has always loved to write and when she was in fifth grade she had her very first story published in a school publication. She took writing workshops and was an English major in college.

“I wanted to be an editor,” Jen said, but after looking into it further ended up taking a different path in life.

The books had been in her head for some time and one day, at the egging on of her father who said, “You have these book ideas …why don’t you write them then?” Jen said, “Fine! I will write them,” and she sat down and did it!

The first in the series has been printed and it is called “Milo Meets Ms. Jen!”

For her book, Jen wanted a whimsical style of illustration and one day Rick Anderson of Forks happened to be visiting the Colandrea residence and showed Jen’s dad, Nino, a little book he had with him of some of his drawings. When Jen saw Ricks artwork she said, “This is it!” This was just the style she was looking for. Anderson went to work and when Jen saw the illustrations they were perfect. But the publishing company wanted to use their own artist, and of a battle ensued, but Jen won and Anderson’s delightful drawings fill the pages of the first book.

“A rescue dog can change your life, I have worked with no-kill shelters,” Jen said, adding, “this is a story about adopting a first shelter pup.”

“I really hope to create awareness, if the book takes off I hope to use what comes from it to benefit shelters and close puppy mills.”

Through her books geared towards children, Jen hopes to foster proper attitudes for pets.

“I want young kids to start out to love and respect animals.”

And she feels her book series can do just that. The book attempts to create awareness of just how special it is to give a shelter animal a forever home.

Jennifer’s book is available on Amazon for $15.99 and already has the following five-star review!

“Milo Meets Ms. Jen!” by Jennifer Colandrea was a great story to read. It was sweet and cute. I thought the illustrations by Rick Anderson were outstanding and amazing to look at. I can see why any parent would enjoy reading this to their children because it’s a simple story that everyone will love.”

“Milo Meets Ms. Jen!” might be a great addition to a Christmas stocking!