Meeting President Joe Biden

By Elizabeth

This week Joe Biden came to Tokyo. Daddy calls him POTUS (President Of The United States.) He came to Japan to meet our troops and friends here. Daddy also says that the Japanese are “allies” which is a fancy word that means friends who stick by you. Whenever the President visits a country he tries to visit all the people from the Embassy and their families. This trip Mommy and I got to see him, along with about 400 other people. This Embassy is the biggest we have ever been to!

First Daddy’s boss Ambassador Emanuel gave a speech (he said something I didn’t understand, when he met Secretary Tony Blinken back a long time ago at the White House the Ambassador said he “ate State Weenies like Blinken for breakfast.”) Then HIS boss Blinken said some stuff then HIS boss Joe Biden spoke and he thanked everybody for working so hard. Then he asked us kids if we had questions and every hand went up. I was really surprised when he came up and asked me what my question was. I asked if being President was a hard job.

He said yes, then he said no. I was very confused. He then told a really long story my Daddy is making me write down. When he was Vice President, President Obama asked him for advice and he gave him the best he could. Then he said, “But the decision is yours and I’m glad I don’t have to make such a tough call.” Now he DOES have to make hard decisions. I still don’t really understand how the job can be easy AND hard at the same time.

Oh, we all got Presidential candy, either peanut M&Ms or Hershey kisses. I picked the kisses of course. And I got to meet Secret Service agents, they were cool.

When not traveling the world …Elizabeth Graeme is a student at Forks Elementary. A native of Timor-Leste, she loves drawing, squishy toys, bicycling around Forks, and swimming.