New book on PNW food/medicinal plants

  • Fri Feb 22nd, 2019 2:35pm
  • News

Have you ever eaten a Giant Horsetail? or smelled the heavenly scent of Vanilla Leaf-Deer’s Foot? Forks resident Milton Beck has compiled a comprehensive book with photos and descriptions of edible and medicinal plants that grow in our neck of the woods.

He also shares some information and photos on poisonous plants to avoid that resemble edible ones. Beck has been active in disaster preparedness training and identification of local resources etc. if and when the area suffers an emergency situation. The book is meant to be of help for emergency use when the trucks with groceries can’t get to us.

The book also has a chart showing what part of plants are safe to use and how to prepare them along with helpful comments. The medicinal plants are also set apart in a chart showing the parts to use, preparation and comments.

Beck is a retired Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and has used his personal knowledge and other references in the making of this book. To get your copy contact Beck at 360-374-2633. A book signing is planned in the near future. /Medicinal