Staff at Clallam Bay and Olympic Corrections Centers win agency awards

  • Thu May 2nd, 2019 9:48am
  • News

Six employees at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center, (CBCC) and three at the Olympic Corrections Center, (OCC) have won Department of Corrections Annual Agency Awards.

The awards recognize employees’ continuous work to improve public safety. The employees were honored during a ceremony in Tumwater Friday, April 26.

Each year, staff members are nominated for the awards by their colleagues. A total of 162 DOC employees across the state received awards out of a pool of 1,050 nominations.

The following awards were given to CBCC staff:

• Correctional Officer of the Year: Randy Simonsen

• Outstanding Performer: Edwin Reetz, Facilities Manager

• Outstanding Performer: Vance Adamire, Correctional Unit Supervisor

• Community Partnership: Michael Stark, Classification Counselor

• Classification Counselor of the Year: Leona Irving

• Excellence in Service: Stephanie Stone, Administrative Assistant

The following Awards were given to OCC Staff:

• Valor Award, Michael Jacobson, Cook

• Correctional Officer of the year: Coleman Cariker

• Outstanding Performer: Elena Friesz, Corrections Officer

Clallam Bay Corrections Center on the Olympic Peninsula is a medium, close and maximum custody-level prison that houses 858 male inmates.

Olympic Corrections Center in Forks is a minimum custody-level prison that houses 381 male inmates.

Award Descriptions:

Correctional Officer/Community Corrections Officer of the Year

Presented to an officer whose performance goes above and beyond normal requirements and who demonstrates their commitment to the Department’s goals and mission. This officer maintains a positive attitude, provides sound decision making, and a strong commitment to teamwork. S/he is an effective communicator, treating others with dignity, fairness, and respect. S/he is a positive role model and maintains professionalism at all times.

Classification Counselor of the Year

Presented to a Classification Counselor who models the highest standard of ethics and accountability. They are responsive to individuals and/or their families and treat others with dignity, fairness, and respect. This counselor exemplifies teamwork, has strong communication skills, and provides sound decision making. S/he is a positive role model and maintains professionalism at all times

Community Partnership

Presented to an employee who understands the importance of partnering and collaborating with the community. Promotes DOC’s vision and mission working with external partners to assist in a successful transition back into the community, for individuals under the jurisdiction of the department. This may include education and/or trainings.

Excellence in Service

Presented to an employee who values the importance of building and maintaining relationships, both internally and externally, and conducts business in a professional manner. Demonstrates open, honest, effective communication skills by being inclusive and embraces diversity and respect.

Outstanding Performer

Presented to an employee who consistently exhibits superior job performance and displays a strong work ethic. Excels in their position and is detail oriented, self-disciplined, and not afraid to take initiative. Plays a vital role in contributing to a safe and supportive work environment. Goes above and beyond by participating on committees or workgroups.

Valor Award

Presented to an employee who distinguished him/herself by showing great courage or bravery in the face of danger. It must be demonstrated that s/he was aware of the seriousness of the situation that demanded immediate action to prevent the possibility of injury or death to staff or individuals under the jurisdiction of the department.

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