• Thu Sep 6th, 2018 6:43pm
  • News

On Sept. 5, at about 9:43 a.m., Deputies from The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Undie Road in regards to a stolen excavator owned by Clallam County P.U.D. The excavator had been stolen from a work site located on the Undie Road which is accessed from Highway 101 south of Forks.

Deputies responded to the site and investigated the theft of the Mini Kubota excavator which was valued at around forty-seven thousand dollars. The excavator had been stolen sometime during the previous night. Responding deputies entered the excavator into the system as being stolen.

On the morning of Sept. 6, Jefferson County Deputies were dispatched to a logging road where the excavator had been located in Jefferson County about six miles south of Clallam County. Clallam County Deputies also responded to the site where the stolen excavator was recovered in order to assist with gathering evidence.

The stolen excavator had been towed to the site along the logging road with a heavy duty dump trailer stolen from the Hoh tribe located in Jefferson County. The trailer was valued at around ten thousand dollars. The trailer and excavator were released to representatives from Clallam County P.U.D. and the Hoh tribe following the investigation at the site of the recovery. At this time, the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is requesting any and all information regarding the theft in an effort to apprehend those responsible.

CASE No.: 2018-20063