The City Scoop: Calling all local contractors

  • Mon Dec 23rd, 2019 6:46pm
  • News

Are you a contractor or business owner in the Forks area? Are you interested in working with the City of Forks on small works projects? Are you registered with MRSC Rosters? If you answered “Yes” to the first two questions and “No” to the third, you’ll want to read on.

The City of Forks has elected to utilize the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) small works roster for public works projects under $350,000. MRSC is a nonprofit organization that helps local governments across Washington State better serve their citizens by providing legal and policy guidance on any topic. They serve all 39 counties and 381 cities and towns in Washington. One of their services is MRSC Rosters. MRSC Rosters is a directory that connects businesses with over 500 public agencies in Washington State.

The City prefers to keep its business local whenever possible. Utilizing local resources helps to build our economy, which is good for the City and local businesses. If you are a contractor or local business owner interested in bidding on public works projects, please register with MRSC Rosters.

So how does MRSC Rosters work? The City writes a scope of work and invitation for bids that are then distributed via e-mail to the applicable trades listed with MRSC Rosters. Basic registration is free. There is also an optional fee-based application that provides businesses with additional benefits. Registering is simple and straightforward, but anyone needing assistance with the process may call City Hall at 360-640-9871, ext. 236. The MRSC Rosters website ( provides a lot of helpful information about the service, how to register, and how to use it. We look forward to receiving bids on City of Forks public works projects from more local businesses in the future!