West End Daily Calls for Services – Police, Fire and EMS

Aug. 8

Traffic stop La Push Rd., suspicious activity 100 block N. Forks Ave., explosion, and another explosion, theft 100 block N. Forks Ave., stray animal Trout Ave., suspicious activity Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, vehicle accident Hwy 101 N., explosion, vehicle prowl G St., medical Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, 9-1-1 hangup La Push, citizen contact Tillicum Park, citizen contact Hwy 101 N., suspicious activity Raindrop, traffic complaint Hwy 101/Salmon Dr., trespass Calawah Way, citizen contact N. Forks Ave.

Aug. 9

Traffic stop Bogachiel Way, disturbance Dickey lane, protective services Smithville, warrant attempt Hwy 101 N., citizen assist La Push, harassment Sekiu, warrant attempt Calawah Way, citizen assist La Push, traffic complaint Hwy 101/Riverside Rd., burglary Fir Ave., traffic stop(s) S. Forks Ave., disturbance N. Forks Ave.

Aug. 10

No Report

Aug. 11

Medical E. Division St., traffic stop S. Forks Ave., warrant attempt Hwy 101 N., suspicious activity 300 block Bogachiel Way, welfare check La Push, vehicle accident A Rd., citizen assist Elk Corner Rd., medical Lupine, medical G St.

Aug. 12

Traffic stop Hwy 101 N., theft Trout Ave., medical Shuwah Rd., missing person Calawah Way, welfare check Ackerly St., warrant attempt Calawah Way, protective services Mora Rd., water rescue, trespass La Push Rd., traffic complaint Calawah Way, traffic stop Hwy 101 N., disturbance 1700 block Calawah Way, noise complaint Beaver, traffic stop Clallam Bay.

Aug. 13

Sex offender monitoring La Push, alarm Hwy 101 N., medical Sekiu, trespass 900 block S. Forks Ave., medical/mental Hwy 101 N., civil E. Division St.

Aug. 14

Medical Klahndike Blvd., fire alarm Clallam Bay, traffic stop Hwy 101 N., traffic stop Hwy 101/Lake Pleasant Rd., traffic stop Hwy 101/Conley Rd., civil Clallam Bay, suicide threats, explosion, theft 900 block S. Forks Ave., threats Hwy 101 N., traffic stop Hwy 101/Rixon Rd., welfare check Clalawah Way.