Don’t taint the vision of Forks

Dear Editor and Neighbors,

My husband and I spend our summers in Forks to get away from the heat and humidity of our home in Louisiana. We have been coming to Forks for over 15 years, and we have always been impressed by the kindness and friendliness of our “new town.” Therefore, I was quite distressed to read in the national news about some people who harassed “a multiracial family on a camping trip,” accusing them of “being Antifa protesters.” In fact, distressed is not the best word; I was shocked and ashamed. This is not the Forks we know and love.

I tried to explain to students who brought this story to my attention that this action was unusual, and that the whole town should not be judged by the actions of a few, that some nice high-school boys helped the family. But my students pointed out that “nice is cute, but that doesn’t stop these people.” Of course, they are correct. A few bad actors do not represent the whole town, but those bad actors cannot be excused or tolerated. Did no one in the parking lot see them? Did no one step up to help or tell them to shut up and go away? If not, then we are all guilty.

Don’t let these bad actors taint the vision of Forks. The good people – that is, 99% of Forks – must stand up, do what is right, and banish harassment for any reason. We can’t come there this year – you know, COVID – but I pray that I do not read or hear about such ugliness again.

Christine Mitchell