Love is love

Love is love

Dear Editor

I have always loved how this community supports one another. It is a quality that brings so many individuals back to this town and keeps us here.

There are times that this shows more than others and times when I think it is good to be reminded that we are all neighbors and human beings. The person sitting next to you on the bus, or serving you breakfast, making you coffee, or your co-workers sitting in the next cubicle, they are all human beings who deserve respect.

We may not always agree on everything, but we all should be presented with humanity. You never can truly know what a person is going through, so why not approach them with empathy instead of hate? It is amazing the power words can have. In honor of Pride Month, I want to extend words of kindness and love to those individuals in the LGBTQ community, here in Forks and wherever these words may reach.

I am so in awe of your ability to live your truth; there are many of us who could learn from you, and I am beyond blessed to share this town with you. I hope this month you are able to celebrate the millions of things that make you amazing individuals. I hope you see your strength and bravery. I hope you find support in ways you haven’t before. I hope you are greeted with love more than hate.

And more than anything, I hope you know you are deserving of all goods things in this world. Know you always have a seat at my table. You always have a hug in my arms. You always have me in your corner. Love is love.


Avery Ironhill