Recommendations for Maggie

In the May 31 issue of the Forks Forum I recently read a little “snapshot profile” from ‘Friends of Forks Animals’ about a dog named Maggie who is afflicted with cancer. It really put a tight squeeze on this old heart because in my life I’ve lived through the ‘life and death’ of several beloved Labradors who were afflicted with various types of cancer.

The best advice I can give for Maggie is to immediately begin to incorporate turmeric curcumin along with fresh, not dehydrated, rosemary herb in her diet. Now I’m not a Dr. of veterinary medicine, but I base this information on real life. Very direct personal practical application with one of my own most beloved labs, Sara, who at ten years old was afflicted with a malignant, aggressive form of cancer that even after her initial surgery shewas given only a very short time to survive but … we were advised by good friend, Bob Gooding, who’d been doing a tremendous amount of online research to give Sara a good amount of Turmeric curcumin along with the fresh rosemary.

Not only did this help her increase her stamina and energy it gave her a healthier appearance.

She went on to live a full ambitious life for another 6 years! Passing away from a stroke at 16 years old!!

Dogs, especially labs, and all “working dogs” are a very, very big part of my life. I’m writing this to help others who share a very close bond with their own beloved k9 companions.

BTW if you ‘Google’ “turmeric and rosemary for fighting cancer” you’ll be happily surprised to find out it also does the same good things for us humans.


Gordy Gracey