Remember the Logger Memorial on Memorial Day

Remember the Logger Memorial on Memorial Day

Dear Editor,

As Memorial Day approaches, it is a good time to remember those who came before us. For twenty-seven years the Forks Loggers Memorial has been a tribute to fallen loggers and those who dedicated their lives to the timber industry. The Memorial was funded with donations and built by volunteers in 1992. The massive centerpiece Logger statue was created and carved by local artist Dennis Chastain and was recently professionally refinished by Marty Konopaki. We are proud of the Memorial’s humble beginnings and the industry it represents. The hardworking loggers of the Olympic Peninsula will always be remembered here.

There are currently 846 names on the Honor Roll. Nominations can be made at any time and forms are available at the Forks Timber Museum. While there, a tour of the museum exhibits would be immensely enjoyable.

The Forks Loggers Memorial continues to be supported by volunteers and donations. Thank you to the OCC Community Service Crew for ground maintenance and the OCC Wood Shop Crew for the excellent construction of new Honor Roll cases. We appreciate the continued support from our community, the Forks Timber Museum, and the Forks Visitors Center. Please visit us soon.

JoMarie Miller

Logger Memorial Committee