The impact of little things

It is amazing how little things can have such a tremendous impact upon the sufferings or the well-being of humanity. We’ve all seen the television commercial about fires and how a small match can be responsible for great destruction and devastation both to lives and properties.

Many of us as children have experienced a lifetime of emotional frustration and pain because of an unkind word from an insensitive adult. We have seen how a simple negative word from the leaders of our country can negatively impact our stock market and world economics.

Presently, the population of our entire globe is experiencing devastating physical, medical, emotional, political, social and economic effects of the spread of a small germ that has wreaked havoc in the lives of millions.

But on the positive side little things also can have positive effects. A kind word, a sacrificial gift, friendly smile, an uplifting song, a brief telephone call, a visit from a friend, a card of thanks, a tear of empathy all go a long way to lift spirits and to encourage hope for people who are experiencing downturns or heartaches.

What is even more amazing is how a simple, little word of prayer to the Magnificent God of the universe can move His compassionate heart to intervene in the lives of those who will rely upon Him. Whether it be a simple prayer requesting His eternal salvation or a prayer for His assistance in time of need He is available at all times to those who will trust in and rely on Him.

He never is too busy nor is He insensitive to our requests. Prayer is a very small thing, but it can have many positive, universal and eternal results. God’s words to the ancient Israeli Prophet Jeremiah are very encouraging – cf. Jeremiah 33:1-3.

G.W. Williams, Pastor-teacher, Forks Bible Church,

Forks, Washington