Utilities now being taxed!

Dear Editor,

Our land and house are separate parcels and this year the two parcels were listed as one parcel. The property (or land) taxes were over $300 more than last year. I called and asked why? I was told that the utilities (classified as a structure) made the land more salable. The utilities were already there so labeling the utilities as structures just increased the assessed value of the land and increased the property taxes.

The increased property taxes reduces the possibility to sell the land. Do they want us to sell and move away? Our neighbor, elderly and in bad health, just sat and cried. She was at a loss of being able to pay the increased taxes. Just one more person being sunk under unfair assessment of property values because of the increased taxes which have soared.

In this world of COVID-19 that is hurting everyone, the tax increase has compounded the problems we have. Is this right or just? It might drive everyone away. This is causing us to determine if we want to stay here. Just like others, we know of.

Please, can’t somebody use good sense and help?

DeeAnna Beck