Vote for Bill Peach

Dear Editor:

I would like to urge residents of Clallam County’s Third District to re-elect Bill Peach as their county commissioner. Commissioner Peach is a veteran, former Department of Natural Resources engineer and prior manager of Rayonier’s forest operations on the Olympic Peninsula.

Commissioner Peach is known as a problem solver and is a cohesive member of the current Clallam County Board of Commissioners. In addition, Commissioner Peach has remained accessible to his constituents and is always willing to listen to opposing points of view.

Commissioner Peach is a valued member of the Department of Natural Resources Board of Natural Resources. His participation on this board is not only an asset to the residents of Clallam County but the state in general.

Commissioner Peach believes in a balanced approach to funding schools, universities and counties. The recent McCleary ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court makes it more important than ever that DNR continue to meet it’s fiduciary responsibilities to the beneficiaries.

Without timber revenue and funds generated from DNR leases, the burden of funding these public entities would fall on the taxpayers – largely private property owners. Commissioner Peach has worked tirelessly to ensure that DNR continues to meet its responsibilities. Commissioner Peach and his wife Anita are residents of west Clallam County and have a first-hand understanding of local issues. Please vote for Bill Peach in November.

Richard Cahill

Sol Duc River