Voting for Bill Peach

Dear Editor,

This morning I was present for a presentation by our County Commissioner, Mr. Bill Peach. As we listened to what Mr. Peach had to say it became very evident that he and the current group of commissioners have done more than any of the past commissioners for our county.

Bill has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our county including being one of the only members of the DNR board that actually has land management and forestry experience. Bill has worked for a balance of activity in logging and taxing to try and help our rural area. He and the other commissioners are not career politicians whose only claim to fame is who they know or knew that is of no benefit to any of us.

We found out that Bill is even scheduling a trip to Washington DC, paid for out of his own pocket, to attempt to move the political machine forward a bit for the benefit of us here on the peninsula. Bill has been a real breath of fresh air for all of us because he participates in our local activities and is available to talk with if you have questions or concerns about something. The current transparency and cooperation of the commissioners will be lost if we lose Bill Peach.

So as you no doubt can see, I will be voting for Bill Peach to continue actually working for us. Thanks to Bill for his service and here’s hoping that he gets to continue carrying out the plans for advancing and helping our community!


Joe Wright