What Price Freedom

What Price Freedom

Dear Editor,

To the man who stalked out of the meeting at ONRC on May 31, I agree with you totally. What price DO we put on freedom?

Studies and research do not protect us. People complain about the noise of the jets, you can turn them out if you want to.

You would not want untrained people on the police force or firefighters, so why do you continually complain about the training of the Navy?

If you don’t want to live in a land of the free, keep complaining. But, I object to you taking away my freedom by trying to stop the jets flying and training.

Try to think of others for a change and quit being so narrow-minded. I love life and knowing that the Navy is watching out for me means a great deal. I thank them and all military branches for their Patriotism.

I don’t see you out there protecting all of us, so let the Navy do what they do.

DeeAnna Beck