Appointment of Clallam County Treasurer

The Board of Clallam County Commissioners, having acted in accordance with the process outlined in County Policy, is pleased to have taken formal action earlier today to name Teresa Marchi as Clallam County Treasurer. Ms. Marchi has been serving as Acting Treasurer since Selinda Barkhuis resigned prior to the end of her term in December 2017.

The Board of Commissioners would like to thank all those who applied for this position. The Board ultimately considered two candidates, both of whom were well-qualified. Ms. Marchi’s depth of experience specific to Clallam County particularly with the complex processes and multiple financial accounting systems and software programs used daily in the Treasurer’s Office – was the deciding factor in this decision.

Furthermore, the Board felt that the high level of service provided to citizens by the Treasurer’s Office will be best maintained with minimal additional disruption through the appointment of Ms. Marchi.

The position of County Treasurer will be on the ballot in November of this year, at which time citizens will have the chance to elect their Treasurer for the next four years