Warner’s Garage 4th of July parade entry 1936. Forks Forum Archives

4th of July update

In 1936, on the 4th of July, it rained about 4 inches…

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Take action now to protect against wildfire

From Clallam County Conservation District: The snowpack in the Olympics is about…

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FCH: You and Your Health

Living with Asthma For 19.2 million adults in the US, asthma is…

  • 7 days ago


The Heritage Garden south of John Cowan’s historic farmhouse is planted and growing

Volunteers neededto tend it! By Nancy Messmer Secretary-Friends of Hoko River State…

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Wildlife – The Blackberry Forecast

By Pat Neal I thought I had died and gone to blackberry…

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Susan Elice Hinton

March 18, 1958 - June 16, 2020 Susan Elice Hinton passed away…

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The Clallam County Sheriff’s office will be on the lookout for drunk and impaired boaters

Operation Dry Water - Nationwide crackdown on boating under the influence July…

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Some of the painted rock designs. Submitted Photos

OCC Rocks!

Olympic Corrections Center Correctional Officer Ronald (Ronny) Howell’s twelve-year-old granddaughter Riley started…

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Planting now, for the future

Active forest management does much more than produce timber and toilet paper.


Why the construction industry is essential to local toilet paper stocks

Diverse, interconnected forest products industry need all components working

  • 3 months ago


Robotics take knee surgery to the next level

Knee pain sufferers on the Olympic Peninsula have new options at Jefferson Healthcare


Ready to reserve a Mustang-inspired electric SUV? It’s this easy

Save significant cash by choosing Port Angeles for delivery of your new Mustang Mach E!