Legal Notices

City of Forks 

Ordinance No. 595

An ordinance clarifying a portion of FMC 17.75.045

Clarifying the Professional In-home Provision of the Forks Zoning Code

WHEREAS, the City established guidelines for various in-home business uses within its

existing zoning code;

WHEREAS, working interpretations regarding hair stylists, cosmetologists, and similar

such professions as a specific trade craft did not clearly fall within the existing


WHEREAS, the Forks Planning Commission discussed these professions and determined

that the best way to accommodate such uses within a home was to address the current limitation within the zoning code;

WHEREAS, the Forks Planning Commission voted to recommend to the City Council the proposed amendment found herein;

WHEREAS, the City Council held a public hearing on this matter at its 28 Nov 2011 meeting;

WHEREAS, the Council determined that the best means of addressing this administrative issue would be to amend said ordinance;


1. Amending FMC 17.75.045. FMC 17.75.045(d) is hereby amended and with the new amending text being underlined, and where applicable where text is being replaced, the replaced text being stricken through:

17.75.045 Home enterprise within home – Cases when permitted outright.

(1) Home enterprises within the home shall be permitted outright, even if other home enterprises may require special or conditional use permits, only in the following situations; provided, that the specific conditions found herein are met:

(a) Catalog-based sales enterprises that mayor may not be associated with hosting parties for purposes of product review and ordering;

(b) Internet-based sales, services and/or transactions where no additional employees beyond the regular and usual occupants of the home associated with the enterprise are required to work at the home based business;

(c) Art- or craft-based enterprises where there is no separate facility required for the enterprise and no additional employees are required or associated with the home-based enterprise; and

(d) Professional-based services where members of the public are not coming to the home enterprise on a regularly scheduled appointment basis for such services and no additional employees are required or associated with the home-based enterprise.

2. Effective Date. This ordinance shall take effect five days after it has been published within the City’s journal of record as provided for by law.

Passed by the City Council on the 28th day of November 2011. 

Published Forks Forum, Thursday, December 15, 2011