Meet a Firefighter

Sean Armer joined the Forks Fire Department in 2011, while he was still in high school. He said that he always wanted to become a firefighter, but had no idea how to reach that goal until he talked to Chris Paul who told him that all he had to do was go to the fire station and join. Sean did just that and was given his gear that same day. Interestingly, the very next week, the movie theater in Forks burned to the ground, so Sean had quite the start to his firefighting career!

Sean said that he likes helping the community and smiled as he pointed out that it also is a real rush to be so close to danger while fighting fires. It is great to have people like Sean on our department! While others run away from a fire, Sean is a part of great team that rushes toward the danger.

Sean wanted to let the community know that the Forks Fire Department is made up of a great group of men and women and he wanted to let everyone know that if they would like to be a part of this great team, just come down to the fire station and they will be welcomed.

Chief Bill Paul said that Sean is a great firefighter who is loyal to the community and an incredible team member. Sean is dependable and is so dedicated that he is studying to become a Fire Safety Officer. Chief Paul said that he is so thankful to have Sean on the team because he is a go-getter and always can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done.

When you see Sean out and about in Forks, please thank him for his selfless volunteer work for our community. If you are interested in becoming a part of this very special group of men and women who stand together to assist our community, please see Chief Paul at the Forks Fire Station.