Meet Forks Firefighters

Izaak Manuel

Izaak Manuel has been a firefighter for 3 ½ years; first at Neah Bay for 18 months and the rest of the time here in the Forks Fire Department. Izaak said that he had been looking for a way to serve his community and when he discovered that firefighters were needed, he knew that was what he wanted to do. It was obvious from talking to him that he doesn’t regret his decision at all as he wanted to talk more about his team members than himself.

Izaak expressed so much pride over the Forks Fire Department and said the men and women are incredible people who work together, and train together, as a strong and motivated team. He said it is especially great to see how they work together when they are called out. Everyone knows their job, and they do it very well.

When asked what he would like the community to know about the Forks Fire Department, Izaak said that a lot of people do not know how much time the volunteers dedicate to the community. There is training every single week, emergencies to respond to, and numerous events that involve the fire department. But all of them do it because they want to give back to our community.

When I asked Chief Bill Paul about Izaak, his face immediately broke out into a big grin. “Izaak is a great guy,” the chief said. “He is always available, always so enthusiastic, and is one of those truly good guys that loves the community.” According to Paul, Izaak Manuel is a humble, hardworking and genuine person who is a true asset to our community.

When you see Izaak out and about in Forks, please thank him for his selfless dedication to our community. And if you ever wanted to be part of a professional, caring, and amazing group of firefighters, why don’t you see Chief Paul at the Forks Fire Station? There is a great big welcome just waiting for you!