A young visitor, a stolen bike, an FPD warning, a yearbook Grin and a Happy Fathers Day!!

  • Thu Jun 14th, 2018 9:46am
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Earlier this spring, 10-year-old Kadence Jones of Sumas, Wa., emailed the Forks Chamber/Visitor Center asking for information about our area — and maybe a little info on Mick Dodge too as he was doing a research project on Forks. He was hoping his mom might also sometime bring him to Forks for a field trip.

At the end of May, Kadence and his mom Meg traveled to Forks. Meg said, “We had a wonderful time. Everyone was extremely helpful and welcoming. We will be back for sure!”

The following is his research paper:

“Fantastic Forks”

By: Kadence Jones

Splash! Do you want to cool off this summer? If so visit the town of Forks, Washington. There you can visit the Hoh River and take a dip in its milky blue water.

Here are some things you might not know about the underrated town of Forks, Washington. Forks was named after nearby river forks and was founded in the 1800’s. It is located in Clallam County. The population is a surprising 3,783.

The popular book series Twilight was based in Forks and helped raise the town’s popularity. The author Stephenie Meyer searched rainy places and it was one of the rainiest spots in the U.S. The community and the town also fit her needs because they were small, like ants on a map. Being surrounded by forests also made it a perfect fit for her vampire saga.

According to weatherspark.com, weather in Forks, Washington almost never passes 80 degrees. The sky is almost always full of big white marshmallows because it is 72 percent partially cloudy year-round and other 28 percent of the time it is mostly cloudy. The town also experiences cold winters and gets an astonishing 10-12 feet of rain per year.

Things to do in Forks also include visiting La Push, a local Indian reservation and Twilight destination. You can also visit the Hoh rainforest for swimming or hiking. There are also hundreds of miles of beaches and forests to explore. Other activities include visiting the beach and timber museums, bird watching, or mushroom picking.

All in all Forks is a nice, welcoming, and fairly small community. There are forests to explore, beaches to relax on, and a variety of different activates to do. Will you visit the wonder-filled town of Forks?

Thanks to Kadence and his mom for sharing!

Odds and Ends

• Stolen bike

A bike was taken from the Bogachiel River Trail, trailhead, at the end of Undi Road, at about noon on Thursday, June 7, when the owner of the bike went for a short hike on the trail.

It is a red Trek, 1980s-style, with a steel frame, hybrid handlebars, a rack on the back and fairly new Schwalbe Marathon tires. Those with any information, please call Emily at 267-456-2236.

• Warning from the FPD

On Monday afternoon a ziplock bag containing a needle filled with what appeared to be heroin was found in a local trailer park near where children were playing. The bag was turned over to a Forks Police Officer.

• A late Grin

A huge Grin to whoever designed the cover of the 2018 Spartan yearbook, it is the best ever!

• Happy Fathers Day

A Happy Fathers Day to all the people we call Dad!

— Christi Baron, Editor