Clallam Bay 2021 Grads

Jada Lee Clemmons

Parents: Tara Hergert and Richard Clemmons. Plans after Graduation: Move away to start life.

Victoria Rae Donoghue:

Parents: Mavis and Terry Donoghue. Plans after Graduation: Has completed Associate in Arts degree from Peninsula College. Tufts University; Clinical Psychology

Awards: Phi Beta Kappa book award for academic excellence, Washington State top 10% academic achievement award, Ben and Myrtle Walking Scholarship $750, Olympic Peninsula Arts Association $1,000, Mac and Phyllis Munro Scholarship $1, 500, Maury and Betty Hull Scholarship Scholarship $3,500, Haller Foundation Scholarship $8,000, Tufts University Scholarship $80,245

Trey Haines

Parents: Amanda King and Justin Haines. Plans after Graduation: Apply for an electrician apprenticeship

Hezekiah David Kohen

Jasmine Jan LaChester

Parents: Cecilia LaChester. Plans after Graduation: Taking a gap year.

Michael Littleton

Parents: Brandy Stamps and Keno Gallegos. Plans After Graduation: college; Communications degree

Justice Mae Pilatti

Parents: Tasha and Josh Pilatti. Plans after Graduation: Eastern Washington University; K-8 Special Education Teacher

Patience Ray Swan

Parents: Heather Ray and Donald Swan. Plans after Graduation: Dog Trainer then join the Navy or Air Force

Miranda Tyree

Parent: Iva-Jade Tyree. Plans after Graduation: Northwest Indian College; Criminal Justice

Awards: Soroptimist Scholarship $1,000, Mac and Phyllis Munro Scholarship $1,500, Adam and James Minton Scholarship $2,000, Maury and Betty Hull Scholarship $3,500