Duke says thanks

  • Thu Jun 11th, 2015 10:24pm
  • Life

Duke recovering at his home.

Duke had not been at his new home on Merchant Road very long when he wandered on to Calawah Way and was hit by a car the evening of Friday, May 29. His owner, Judy Edwards, was out looking for him when she spotted two boys on bikes. They told her that a red car had hit her dog and the dog had taken off running.

The boys offered to help her look and soon three other boys on foot also pitched in to search. Duke eventually was found hiding in the shrubbery by the Mormon Church. Edwards asked the boys to stay with the dog while she went to get a blanket and her husband Paul. With the help of the boys the Edwards got Duke in their vehicle and to the vet and Duke is now at home recovering.

Edwards said, “If it had not been for those boys, I would never have found Duke. In all the excitement I did not get the names of any of the boys and I really want to thank them, I want them to know how much I appreciate what they did.”

If you can help Edwards find her good Samaritans, call her at 374-7534.