Farewell Beaver Jack

The Beaver Jack group made its first appearance in the 1972 Forks Old Fashioned 4th of July parade. Although a photo of that inaugural appearance did not make it in the paper…the parade would never be the same again!

Beaver Jack satire was anxiously awaited each year …what would they do to top the year before …and they never disappointed.

In 1973 Lonnie Archibald took the first photo of the crazy group, the caption read ‘The Beaver Hillbillies …Outhouse, corn whisky and all’ … and I think there was some corn whiskey involved …or maybe a lot of it …or the like.

Over the years Jack and friends spoofed politics, local issues, and current events. Most years I imagine they took home the best comedy award.

Some of the topics over the years …

In 1979 it was the “Gas Crisis” so with an Outhouse in tow ..a sign referenced so many flushes to the gallon …

In 1983 it was a Clallam Bay prison spoof …the Con-Dominium was a makeshift tree-branch jail that was built on the back of the truck, many well-known Forks folks were in the “jail.”

1987 ..you knew it would have to happen … “Beaver Jack for President”…

1992 the theme was “Save the goats dam the Park.”

In 1995 the troupe took on the infamous library tree-cutting incident …was it too soon? probably …but we had come to expect nothing less…the Forks Forum editor at the time, Don Gronning was even spoofed and renamed “Done Groaning.” Gronning was a good sport and wrote about the activity and called it funny, wicked satire.

In 1996 the 25th anniversary of Beaver Jack appearing in the parade was commemorated with a “Sideshow of Oddities” …and it was odd, people with wings, men dressed as women and vice versa …and a “Believe it or Not” sign was posted up on the truck. We believed it and we loved it.

In 1997 it was the “Hale-Jack Beaver Bopp ready for the Millenium” entry featuring a comet on a long stick with a fringy tail.

In 2001 the fun came to an end with the “30th-anniversary” entry “Gone but not Forgiven, 1972-2001.”

It was the end of an era …

On Saturday Jack and the memories he gave us will be remembered at his Celebration of Life at the Roundhouse at 1 p.m.

Christi Baron,