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  • Wed Mar 22nd, 2017 1:47pm
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Doreen Minard,

First-Grade Teacher

Carrie Echeita,

Math Intervention Specialist

We will focus on building math vocabulary and skills for 6- 7-year-olds this week. Shapes are everywhere around us. When your child plays, he uses sorting and classifying skills as he observes similarities/differences and makes comparisons. These simple tasks prepare our children for daily activities such as sorting the laundry, searching for a book at the library or finding items in the grocery store. These are foundational skills needed for math, reading and writing.

Getting in Shape

Skills: Identify, create, name and take apart shapes, comparing shapes, classifying, sorting, text features (labeling)

You will need:

Objects from around the house in a variety of shapes

Pencil and paper

2D (flat) shapes: half/quarter circle, square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, hexagon

3D (solid) shapes: cube, rectangular prism, cone, cylinder, sphere


Trace an object on paper to see what shape one side makes.

Repeat with different sides of the same object.

Put two or more objects together to build a new shape.

Try stacking or rolling some of your objects and observe what happens.

Sort all your objects into 2-4 piles using the characteristics of each shape.

Draw a picture using only shapes and label each shape.

Possible questions to stimulate conversation and build vocabulary!

• How are the shapes in your piles the same/different?

• Why did you choose to sort the shapes the way you did?

• What makes an object stackable or able to roll?

• What’s the difference between a cube and a rectangular prism/a circle and a sphere?

Be sure to visit Forks Elementary School’s Parent Zone for more math activities!

Next Week: Ideas for 7 -8-year-olds