Good Intentions

Well, it has been awhile since I shared a thought or two. Let me talk about good intentions as a thought this time around ......

Well, it has been awhile since I shared a thought or two. Let me talk about good intentions as a thought this time around.

Good intentions are just that, they are just intentions or thoughts until you put them into action. I had intended to write an article long before this one. So what stopped me from doing so, laziness, too busy, and unexpected circumstances… but mostly laziness. Many times it was I’ll do it when I get into Forks and I’d get there and meet up with a friend or family.

The next time around, there was a holiday followed with good intentions and mixed in with unexpected circumstances. That time I did not have access to my computer and the internet. It had been unplugged as my friend Eldon who graciously allows me to use a part of his Farmers Insurance office had to do some rearranging and in the process had to move and unplug my computer.

Then I went to house sit on the Island and intended to use the computer there. As you see it didn’t happen. Laziness sat in along with doing the few chores I had been given and throw in the photo/video opportunities.

Do you know how hard it is to get a deer or a chicken to stand right where you want them to stand. Of course, you do most of you have or have had kids and you know how hard it was to get them to sit still long enough for the family picture. That’s right, what family picture?

Where does this all lead, John? Well, it leads to putting your good intentions into action and just doing them. Pick up the phone to call the friend you’ve been meaning to call. Go over and talk to the neighbor and see how they’re doing. Take the neighbor kid fishing or to the show as you promised. Write the letter you’ve been meaning to write, because grandma doesn’t do the internet or hear the phone ring when you call.

So many different excuses ruin good intentions. That is why when I got back from the Island I bought a wireless adapter so that I could get hooked up to the internet again and get this overdue intention taken care of.

Thank you to those of you who encouraged me to get back to writing and sharing again… I intended to, but the creek rose and the sun didn’t shine. So my plan is to take some photos this evening and share one of them with you in a few weeks… I promise I will, unless I get run over by a bus or it rains on my parade or… well you get the idea. So I’ll be with you in a few weeks.

Love, John