Invest in people

It’s the start of a brand new school year and little Johnny is all excited as he’s looking forward to catching up with all his classmates..........

By John Leavitt

It’s the start of a brand new school year and little Johnny is all excited as he’s looking forward to catching up with all his classmates from years prior. Johnny catches the bus and sees the neighborhood kids on the bus as they ride to school. They get to school safely and the bell rings and the kids hurry to their new class.

Mrs. Smith is Johnny’s new teacher. She is all excited about meeting the kids in her class. She asks all of them to tell her their names and a little bit about their summer. The kids finish up with their names and what they did over the past couple months. After this is done they go over her class room rules and then Mrs. Smith says, “Class there are a lot of things we’ll be doing this year and I’d like you to make sure that you get this note that I’m handing out home to your parents. Have them look at it and fill it out if they can help and please bring it back to me as soon as possible.”

Johnny is given his and sees that there are a couple field-trips and there’s this one that makes Johnny’s heart hurt right away. He noticed that there’s a day for his dad to come be with him at school and then another one for his mom to be there as well. Johnny’s heart is hurting now because his mom can’t be there. Johnny’s parents divorced during the summer and his mom now lives in another state.

I know that this hits home unfortunately to too many. So how do we make a difference for Johnny or Sally, who has her own story? We step in and volunteer, it doesn’t have to be a year commitment. It might be one day for a couple hours as male or female figure depending on the event.

Yes, I’m talking about volunteering; it doesn’t have to be just at school as you know. It can be at a community event, at the hospital, fire department, as a coach … you get the idea.

I believe if we invest in people, especially kids, it helps out more than we realize. I see it as investing in our future as well. Let’s say that you help out at school and you put a smile on a boy’s or a girl’s face that would not have been there. That single parent finds out that you put a smile on their child’s face it will make the parent happy as well.

I believe it goes beyond just that parent, to siblings, possibly a coach or neighbor.

What is the age limit of a volunteer? I don’t believe there is a specific answer because it depends on the type of event. A small child can hand out water at a community function and an older person can volunteer almost anywhere.

Time invested in Johnny today may keep him from getting in a fight at school or may save your house from being broke into years later. Then there is little Sally, you see Sally has a gift to play the piano and she needs a ride to a retirement home on Thursdays where she loves to play for the residents, who now call this place home. And let’s just say that Sally goes on to be a classic pianist.

To get involved as a volunteer in the Forks Schools you will need to fill out a volunteer packet that you can pick up at the district office. I did it last year as there was an event coming up that my niece Kim and her cousin were talking about. I joked about being a rent-a-dad and yet was serious at the same time.

Next thing I knew I was sitting with several kids eating a doughnut. I had a great time and the kids looked up to me … literally being 6 feet 6 inches and all. There was an uncle that came in for his nephew and an older brother or cousin that came in and others as well.

If you have questions about helping out at the elementary level, you can contact the President of the Elementary PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Kim Leppell via e-mail: or by phone: 360-640-0777

Thank you in advance for making the decision to help make the world a better place to live by investing in the future and the present by volunteering now. Love, John

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