Linda Arbeiter surprised with a retirement party

After 44 years of dedicated service to Forks Outfitters, Linda Arbeiter’s last day was on Sunday. On Friday, shaking her head, Linda was brought into the store’s breakroom where store employers, employees and her husband Phil were all waiting to surprise her with a retirement party.

“I wish younger people today could appreciate how rewarding it is to have a job and do a good job,” Linda said to those gathered.

Linda has worked for three generations of the Paul family, having been hired by Warren Paul in 1977. In February of 1984 Warren’s son, Bert came to work at the store and shared a story about his concern with there being too much Valentine’s merchandise in Linda’s department. Bert said he kept asking Linda if they shouldn’t mark it down prior to the holiday …she assured him at the time to come back the day after Valentine’s Day …The day after Bert said he did just that and almost everything had sold out, “I decided then that I didn’t need to worry about what she was doing,” Bert said.

Bert also shared the following, ” When I think of Linda two words pop into my mind. Loyalty and Dedication. I worked at Sears for 18 years and Forks Outfitters for 25 and I have never worked with anyone else in my career at either place which came anywhere close to her in these categories. She is the most loyal and dedicated person I have ever had the pleasure to work with and she will be missed greatly but never forgotten.”