Maksin Concert Thank You

To all the people who participated in Ian Maksin’s Concert at the RAC on Sunday, May 22, wasn’t that an outstanding musical experience? All those who came out for this amazing concert left astonished, astounded, and stunned. This is not a hyperbole but fact. It’s true. I saw it in your faces.

What a wonder is Ian Maksin on the cello! Then singing in several languages accompanying himself on both cello and guitar. It was a night to remember! He said he will be coming back next year. He loves it here! And you, he loves you, Forks people! Be sure to plan on attending and bring a friend or two. Word of mouth is the best advertising and will assure that more of us are blessed by Maksin’s remarkable performance, as he blesses us once again. Deal?

Part of the proceeds from his concerts and the sale of his albums go to Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine.

So many people of the Rainforest Council of the Arts were instrumental in making this event the success that it was. To all of you, deep gratitude and appreciation! To all the members and friends of Rainforest Council of the Arts lead by Sue Shane who rented the RAC, got the sound and lights working properly, took care of donations, set up and took down chairs, put together the stage, made cookies, provided water, and cleaned the facility prior to the event. It was a powerful group effort and all who helped and worked hard to make this concert happen are greatly appreciated! This was a fantastic musical performance that blessed all 100 folks who attended! Thank you all!

Here is what Ian Maksin posted on Facebook which I know many of you are not on so it is reprinted here:

“Absolutely amazing concert in Forks, WA, a town on the Olympic Peninsula, population of 3000, with over 100 people in attendance, an incredible positive vibe and support, this concert sets a personal record for me in many ways. Thank you so much FORKS, love you! Special THANK YOU to Sarah Jane Milici who put all of her mind, heart and soul into this concert, also thank you Rainforest Art Center and the Rainforest Council of the Arts for hosting me at your amazing facility, thank you Ken Lambert for the pristine sound.”

To follow Maksin, hear more of his music, and see where his upcoming concerts are occurring go to or check him out on Facebook.

What a way to reopen up the RAC!

Cheers! Sally Milici