Former Therapy Dog and library volunteer passes

During her career of service, Tally was certified as a Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International, which means she regularly passed the Canine Good Citizen test and a yearly health exam.

Tally did regular visits to places where children were, working with Special Needs kids at Forks Elementary and Forks Middle School for 4 years, then the Paws for Reading program at the Forks Library for 5 years.

Kids many times will read to a dog when they are hesitant to read aloud, and with Tally, many children opened up and would read to her when they would not read otherwise.

She loved to listen to them, or fall asleep with her head on their lap or while they petted her.

For Special Needs kids, her calm demeanor was picked up by the kids who would work quietly and effectively as long as she was next to them.

She was always gentle and non-judgmental.

Tally’s owner Sherry Schaff shared, “When covid hit Tally retired at the age of 10. Many young people who came to know her in elementary and middle school would see her later when they were older and remembered her – and she remembered them. She will be missed.”

Tally, a Golden Retriever, died Thursday, July 7, two months shy of her 14th birthday.