Shuwah Newsletter-Forks Forum Nov. 1933

  • Fri Jan 6th, 2017 10:47am
  • Life

Casper Maxfield and sons are busy harvesting their spud crop. The late potatoes did fine this year and if good weather keeps up, they expect to have any number of sacks of first class spuds stored away in the cellar.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lehman just returned from a two-week visit in Everett. Lehman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spaulding, who live on the Lanyard place near Lake Creek.

Carl Kaemmle has just set out an orchard of young fruit trees, on a spot that was occupied not so long ago by tall firs and hemlocks.

Ted Wittenborn has built a neat little cottage on the acreage which he has bought out of Louis Klahn’s meadow land. He expects to move in this week.

The addition to Keith Campbell’s house is about finished. Keith is renovating the interior of his building and should be quite comfortable this winter.