Worship changes at Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church

  • Thu May 9th, 2019 2:41pm
  • Life
Worship changes at Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church

The worship time at Clallam Bay Presbyterian has changed to 1 p.m., every Sunday. The change was made so that Pastor Pamela Hunter could lead worship there. Everyone is invited to worship any Sunday afternoon!

Pastor Pam still leads worship at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 10 a.m., on Sundays and assists the Episcopal church by leading worship twice monthly at St. Swithin’s Episcopal Mission at 5 p.m.

Pastor Pam attended a Lutheran University, a Presbyterian Music Conservatory, and an Episcopal Seminary. She also was involved with the bilateral agreements between Lutherans and Presbyterians, and Lutherans and Episcopalians. She brings that experience to her work.