Yella Dawg Fly Shop

  • Fri Mar 6th, 2015 11:09pm
  • Life

Gordy creating a fly.

The summer of 2007, the life of Gordon Gracey changed forever. After a terrible accident that left his left arm permanently paralyzed, right eye blind and damage to his brain, Gordy’s life as an outdoorsman would never be the same.

Gordy could no longer row a boat and he longed for the solitude that fly-fishing had once brought to him.

As Gordy recovered, his friend Bob Gooding, of Olympic Sporting Goods, offered up the back portion of his store and Gordy opened up Yella Dawg Flyshop.

Gordy can be found most days in his shop where he encourages customers to create their own top secret and top fish catching flies and jigs for their next trip to the river because as Gordy says, “It sure is great spending time out on the river, out in nature.”

Gordy has a great selection of classic and the latest materials available right here in downtown Forks.

Gordy’s fly-tying machine has been provided to him as a prototype from the Federation of Fly-Fishing and Operation Healing Waters that assists veterans that have had injuries that have left them unable to use both hands. The special machine has a magnet plate on one side that holds the the next item to be attached to the fly.

Gordy says he has some great friends that have taken him fishing and he has even tried rowing with one hand. He even has a special rod holder that his friend Chris Whidden created for him.

Gordy once took former President Jimmy Carter fishing and is proud of the fact since his accident he has received several letters of encouragement from him.

Gordy and his wife Kim would most like to thank their friend Bob Gooding for his kindness in providing a spot for Yella Dawg — a place where Gordy can still be connected to the outdoors and his love of fishing.